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Triple S out of Sandy 9/2 (Hamlin)

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Left the chute @ 5:35 and set up right at 70' .... 300 copper with meat took a rip with no one home. Great  temp down 65' 48 degs.

 Mag diver out 120 takes first major and then for the next 2 hours a steady pick on kings. 9 AM start to look around out to 120' then back towards 80' at 10:30 diver out 150' gets slammed so hard my partner CAN'T get it out of the berts holder. First run is 350+ and he's a bit panicked...relax BOB !!! needless to say it's a good fish just not good enough 25.08. All in all a good morning but WOW are they dark colored fish with pink bellies.

Will post pics when there downloaded


Tight Lines,


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