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Sold / Closed Boat for sale with trailer 1987 20 1/2 ft Bayliner Trophy Hard Top $5000


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I am selling my boat and all gear as a complete package. I am firm on the price because I have a lot of money in gear to go with it. Great condition, clean, it runs good and has a 4 cylinder cobra OMC so it's very good on gas and would be a great starter boat for someone getting into trolling. I will try and list as much as I can think of but I am at work but can get more specific if anyone has any questions about it. I will post pics as soon as I get some free time. Im sure there are several things on my list I have missed but it's all I can think of at the present time. Trolls great all day long. Call or text Rob at 315-263-7925. I would like to sell fast I do not want to put in storage again. It was always stored every winter and professionally maintained. Your not going to get a much better deal for the price and complete package, just trying to do a fast sale before I have to store it again.


-ship to shore marine radio

-Eagle fish finder with gps

-Fish Hawk temp probe-840 monitor with X4 probe

-5 Big Jon rod holders, two are the heavy duty for dypsy

-5 rod rocket launcher on top

-2 electric cannon mag 10 downriggers

-new last year boat drop curtain

-mounted planer board reels with planer boards


-3 dipsy rod and reel set ups with wire

-several (at least 6) downrigger rod and reel set ups

-Many flies 90% atommik and a few various others

-Many spoons all colors and sizes at least 50

-4 downriggers torpedo weights 13lb

-multiple colors J-plugs

-at least 20-30 stick baits

-4 to 6 downrigger releases and a set of stacker releases

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