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Mike Money, a close muskie fishing friend, was killed in a car accident this fall. Mike was a former PMTT World Champion and is missed by many. A bunch of us have gotten together to help raise money for a foundation in Mike's name to benefit the Ohio muskie fishery. Most recently, we have put together a "Muskie Guide" raffle. There are some pretty accomplished Chautauqua fisherman on the ticket, so I thought some of you guys may have an interest. Or, come over to OH to start your season early next year.

It would be great if one of the moderators could make this a "sticky" post. We appreciate your support. Adam Andresky

Mike Money Baitfish Fund

“Guide Raffleâ€

The Mike Money Memorial Baitfish Fund has been started to continue the amazing, helpful work carried out by our great friend Mike Money. Mike Money was the original organizer of the baitfish lure raffle at the Ohio muskie show. This raffle was used to purchase minnows and supplies for the DNR Hatchery. Through the memorial fund we will continue to buy supplies and minnows to help young muskies reach larger size prior to stocking in Ohio lakes. This process extends the life expectancy of these young fish to keep the sport thriving. Mike’s mantra was “life is all about the stories bubâ€; so through this memorial fund others will be able to create memorable stories doing Mike’s favorite pastime, muskie fishing.

This raffle will have 2 drawings the first will be on Sunday January 24th at noon at the Columbus Muskie Show. This drawing will be for anyone in attendance and will correspond with a memorial for Mike Money. Tony Grant and Greg Thomas will collect all trips drawn at the memorial. The second drawing will be during the Akron Canton Ch.19 Banquet on Saturday March 5th. The prizes will include donated fishing trip with some of the best Muskie anglers in North America. No limit on number of time you can win the more you buy the more you can win. All proceeded will go into the Mike Money Memorial baitfish Fund and go towards helping Ohio Hatcheries raise more and bigger Muskies.

There will be no limit to the number of trips an individual can win the more tickets you buy the more trips you can win. Each ticket will cost $10 and can be purchased with cash at different events (Columbus Muskie show booth, Akron Canton Banquet and hopefully at the Chicago Muskie Show). Tickets can also be purchased online at Mike Money’s Memorial www.youcaring.com/jason-bond-447564, after making your donation email [email protected] with your donation amount, name and phone number and I will fill out your tickets and email a picture back. All winners will be called in the order they were drawn and given their choice of remaining trips. First person drawn picks from all the trips and down the line. The current list of guides might grow some and we will update the list with any additions. In an effort to keep everything transparent a bank account has been setup and statements will be posted to account for all funds.

We have pro guides who are volunteering trips along with some excellent anglers who spend lots of time on the water and have caught numbers and large fish from everywhere we will fish. Your guide will donate all expenses related to fishing and will have gear. All guides have a boat 18’ or bigger that a rigged for muskie fishing. Winners will reel all trolling fish in and if casting the guides will fish from the back of the boat. You will be responsible for you food, rain gear and lodging unless noted otherwise. We have no closed season in Ohio so this can be an opportunity to explore new water and learn from some great anglers. With so many lakes close we will pick the one with the best bite when dates are selected. Please call Jason Bond at 412-951-1296 with questions about the guide raffle.

We are going to carry on the Baitfish Lure Raffle and Swap on Saturday night January 23rd location TBD. We generated over $2000 for the baitfish fund last year. If you have any new or mint condition used Lures you would like to donate to the raffle, or would like to sponsor the raffle. Please contact Gabe Rosplock at 440-796-9926.

Officers and Contacts:

Jason Bond 412-951-1296, Kevin Goldberg 330-881-9866, Gabe Rosplock 440-796-9926

Brian Mason 440-552-3771, Tad Martinez 330-806-2280

email: [email protected]

Pro guides:

Whopper Stopper ½ day extendable to full day for ($200) Capt. Matt Firestein


Pat Briere’s ½ day extendable to full day for ($250) 1 free night stay at pat’s

Muskie charters cottage on the St .Lawrence river.


Ryan Buddie 1 night of Lake Erie walleye fishing Spring or Fall.

Walleye Guide One of the best walleye anglers on the great lakes.



Jason Bond 2 days fishing Spring Ohio

2 days fishing Chautauqua summer or St. Clair Fall

Kevin Goldberg: 2 days fishing Spring Ohio

2 days fishing Chautauqua Summer

Adam Andresky 2 days fishing spring Ohio

2 days fishing Chautauqua Summer

Tad Martinez 2 days fishing spring Ohio

2 days fishing Chautauqua Summer

Brian Mason 2 days Lake Erie Spring Walleyes or St. Clair Fall Muskies

Gabe Rosplock 2 days fishing Spring Ohio

Jim Morrison 2 days fishing Summer St. Clair

Rick Lundstrom 2 days fishing Spring Ohio

2 days fishing Summer St. Clair

Ben Woitas 2 Day fishing Ohio

Read more: http://esoxeast.proboards.com/thread/4704/mike-money-minnow-fund#ixzz3uUQlQY2Q

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First sorry about the loss of Mike! Looks like a lot of work has gone into this and alot can come out of it. People would be crazy not to jump on a chance to win one of theese trips. I will definitely be trying to win one of theese and I wish you guys the best of luck!

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Ivan,I sent you a private email about adding Mostly Muskies Charter on the Niagara River.

Got it Larry.  Thank you.  I'll repost when we get the additions made.  I think we are adding you and Mike Hulbert.



Look forward to it Ivan, I'll take you out casting if you give me a trolling 101 haha!

That sounds good.  I don't get to cast much anymore.

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Hey Joe. Thanks for asking. The way my buddy Jason wrote this is a bit confusing. He's a good fisherman, but maybe not the best editor. There are 3 things being discussed in the flyer.

1. Lure raffle and swap meet at the Ohio show this weekend

2. Guide raffle for people attending the OH Show. Tony Grant and Greg Thomas will collect any guide trips from people exhibiting at the show and draw the winners at the show. You must be present to win.

3. Main Guide Raffle advertised here with me, jason, kevin, tad, hulbert, catfish, larry, justin etc. these tickets can be purchased online and with jason through March. These trip winners will not be drawn until the Akron Canton MI chapter banquet in March

Sorry for any confusion.

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Thanks for the clarification.  That makes so much more sense!


Will the March raffle be first winner gets his/her pick of the guides (second winner gets to pick from what is left, etc), or will each drawn winner be for a specific guide?  If it is the former, I am curious what will be selected for lucky winners not in attendance?


Thanks again,



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There is no need or advantage to be at the arkron canton banquet March 5th when the guide raffle winners will be drawn.

If i counted right, there are 21 trips. Some people like myself donated 2 trips. For example, im doing a spring ohio trip and a summer chq trip.

21 winners will be drawn March 5th. The same person is eligible to be drawn more than once if they purchased multiple chances. The order of the winners will be drawn that night, but the assignment or picking of the trips will most likely take longer.

Winner #1 will be contacted after the drawing on March 5th and gets first pick of all the trips. Then, winner #2 will be contacted to pick from the remaining 20 trips. This process will repeat until all 21 trips have been given away.

Thanks for your interest Joe. I'm glad to answer any other questions anyone may have.

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The Mike Money Memorial Baitfish Fund has raised over $14,000 since it was started this past October. There will be some fat OH fingerling muskies this year. Thanks for everyone's support.

Here are the winners from last night's drawing for the guide raffle.

1) Brian Menzer 2) Bob McCloud 3) Jameel 4) Jack Whyde 5) Doug Young 6) Kevin LaRoache 7) Tom Sullivan 8) Tom Mead 9) John Oldfield 10) Jim Barnes 11) Joe Dolan 12) Garhard Schmit 13)Zachary Myers 14) Beau Chumley 15) Kevin La Roache 16) Tim Smith 17) Lenny Fauver 18) Steve Gillhouse 19) Kim Mack 20) Jake Morris 21) Chris Depaola 22) Marc Gratten.

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The $14000.00 being raised in Mike Money's Memory for the Ohio Bait Fish Fund is just Assume!Yes typo I added the other 0!Also much praise to Jason Bond for all his work to get this benefit up and going and staying on top of it!

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