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Wasn't able to fish the ponds today...people have been catching them in the channel between the pond and in both ponds...every day has been a little different in regards to how close to shore the fish are, and the time they will bite...go early, stay late, try close to shore out to as far as you can cast...be willing to go hours without a fish, make sure your there when they decide to come around and bite...

The past few trips have been fishing the north east corner of cranberry, parking at long pond and making the walk...in the past has been a trend to do better there when the fish are done spawning...imagine they are kinda congregating over there while they meander back to the lake...

On arrival cast one rod close and one further...no bites, try further out and so on until you find them...rod in my hand is crawled back slowly and the other just chills on a bucket...sometimes they want it moving, gives them the impression there prey is escaping and makes them pounce on it and allows you to more quickly figure out how close to shore the fish are holding...sometimes they want a still bait and won't touch the slowly crawled minnows...

Every other tidbit used to catch them has been mentioned in previous posts, and really not sure what else can be done to help you guys catch fish besides standing next to me and receiving play by play instruction...

Had no clue this thread had so many views, maybe that's why so many people are pulling over and talking to me...have seen cars drive by quite a few people and pull over behind me to talk then continue on there way...watched one guy reverse 50' down the road to pull over and chat, and the nice lady school bus driver was a surprise conversation...

This thread was to help all of you!!! All I've received is a few thank you's and a ton of people breaking my balls while trying to fish...is what it is, I'll catch my share and then yours lol...

Best of luck, and have a great weekend when it arrives!!!

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