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First outing of the year, with my 8 yr old son Tristan.   Don't know if he was more excited to fish or by my promise for major screen time on the Nintendo/tablet (my insurance to make sure he wouldn't back out of the trip at the last minute).   He was a great help at the launch, the boat fired right up and ran like a champ.  Poles in at 1:45, headed west and had the first hit at 2:00 - cookie cutter.  He loved it.  The next 3 (20-22 inches) were left for Dad, as a Minecraft cellar was being handcrafted.  Enough is enough, so our electronics focus was shifted to a fish finder how it works dialogue, he landed another 23 inch fish around 3:30.  Heading to back to port, he let me take the last hit, I grabbed the pole, gave a few cranks and immediately gave it back to him.  Enjoyed watching him wrestle it to the boat, took an amateur vid of his adventure in the meantime.  He didn't want to get near the 'monster', so I had to hold the measured 28 inch brown myself.  The only thing that didn't work today was the electronic scale!   Off the water at 4:10.  Worked 10 ft, 100 - 130 back, stick rap in perch was hottest, but yellow and green YOZURIs caught fish too, all said went 6 for 8.      



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Very nice.  It is such a great feeling to watch your kid catch fish.  We saw you guys out there today.  We were in the red Lund.  We did well ourselves same color patterns as you and not far back.  Unfortunately for me my son spent the day with his girlfriend and missed out on non stop action. 

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