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Memorial Day BFF

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color=rgb(40,40,40)]Rolllll Caalllllllllllllll!!!!![/color]

It's That Time Of Year again. Let the trash talking and bet continue. Just like a football game bet or a roundy roundy race about bet with your friends, biggest fish wins.

$20 bet. Winner take all. This is year number 6? I think. We usually meet up at the launch site in sampson. Around 5 pm.

Fish all day friday. We're gonna be on the water anyways and usually always get the "one" a day early, so could you be the next unlucky guy?? This is almost a Calcutta day. Pots reached 300 before. Let us know you're in. If you're in you just pay the due to the winner at weigh in. Can cayuga boys win? Seneca boys? Maybe even keuka boys? Who knows.

You either need to comment on here, that you're in or contact me any other way. Again, this is all in fun. Please, if you say youre in, be there, each year a few leave us wondering.. :thinking: Fish at your own risk, rain or shine.

The more boats, the more money!

List of boats fishing:


2: skipping school

3: dark water

4: Bellis program

5: seneca slammer

6: zebedee

7: one eyed jack

8: triple duce

9: never ends

10: flx troller

11: OB1

12: rwoody

13: backlash


15:reel dilemma

16: medicated lake trout

15: final flight

16: chuck

17: quality time

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After fishing  previously with Jason and Theresa on Seneca my money would be on Theresa as well and I think she is the best female driver I've seen in all the boats I've been on. :)

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