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Fire works flasher


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Does anyone remember the name or the person on here that had the cutouts for flashers and spoons I would imagine they were vinyls or computer cut outs. He had the fireworks pattern, that flasher we couldn't keep in the water!! We got tore off and that was the end. Then someone mentioned Fat Nancy's should have them, nope all sold out but the young guy made me two. I leant them to someone, now I can't remember who it was. If someone knows who I'm talking about please give me a shout!! Thanks PAP

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what color blank? fireworks both sides? i think i have some of this tape laying around from MadRiverSports

Both sides. They were the best pattern I ever used, you can't keep that Dodger in the water, and a Michael Jackson spoon behind the fire works Dodger or a white or green/blue fly!!

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