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Jan/ issue Muskie magazine!

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This issue contains a write up on the st lawerence by Kevin Richards of Muskie mag and co authored by then Muskies canada president peter levick. This should be a phenomenal article and great read. There will also be a short sidebar about 3 bait makers....Fred Bowen ont,Jim Reynolds and Zach baker. Kevin was up with peter during our get together with Muskies canada earlier this year.

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!!




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I just finished reading the article. Excellent article. Peter and Kevin did a great job on it. It really brings to mind how delicate the fishery is. I would like to see the article published elsewhere for more awareness. I am hoping that through research they will be able to find a way to reduce the impact of the gobies and VHSV.


Since there has just been an agreement to change the water level management practices, it will be interesting to see if it improves spawning success.


There is however, a lot of concern and opposition from lake shore communities  and businesses about flooding and about low water conditions in harbors. I haven't heard any detail about how they are going to manage those concerns.

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