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ELOSTA fleamarket Update

Big Dave

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ELOSTA fleamarket Update  Doors open at 9:00

This years Seminar will be a roundtable  discussion on all things Lake Ontario and Trolling !

The Participants are

Capt. Pete Lahosky  Primetime Sportfishing

Capt. Mark Bukowski  Thunderstruck Sportsfishing

Capt Brian Garrett Tall Tails Sportsfishing

Seminar Start time is 1100 Day of the tackle swap.  Should be a good one!!

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This event is getting close!  I know Pete, Mark and Myself are eager to talk to you guys and answer any questions you may have.  Pete Lahosky was one of the keynote speakers last year in Buffalo at the LOTSA event.  Pete's resume speaks for itself when it comes to tournament wins and running a successful charter boat out of Oswego. If you missed him there you wont want to miss him this time. 


For those of you who don't know who Mark (Thunderstruck) is here is a brief intro.  Mark has local tournament wins including capping it off with the local Atommik challenge cup.  He also has had multiple vessels from Starcrafts to Baha's to a Tiara currently.  He has done more rigging and rewiring then a lot of people.  Not only can he catch fish but he can rig a boat and rig it the right way. 


If you have something in particular you would like us to discuss in detail send me a pm on here or an email at [email protected]   I look forward to seeing you all there at the sale and then at the seminar starting at 11 am sharp on the 11th. 

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I would like to thank all participants and members who came out to support ELOSTA's flea market and round table seminar, today in Brewerton . 

Brian Garrett did another excellent job in preparation and the turn out was excellent, despite the snowy weather.

The round table discussion turned out to be a success. Some very good questions and topics were discussed.  I hope that Brian, Pete and myself answered all questions, that were presented to us today. 

If anyone has any additional questions ,please feel free to email or pm me and I will be glad to follow up.  I know Pete and Brian feel the same.

Thanks Again for supporting Elosta. 



Thunder Struck 

 [email protected] 

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I thought you guys were awesome!!! One thing I did learn today, I'm not the only guy that doesn't box a fish everytime out!!:hi: so I don't feel so bad now :lol: one thing I noticed about the majority of the Charter guys, most have 1 thing in common, that is the most will say keep it simple!! I think somtimes we tend to complicate things on our own, by thinking into it to much!!  Thanks for answering our knot head questions!!  PAP.

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Thanks Brian, Pete and Mark.  It was an excellent discussion.  Really appreciate how much of your knowledge and experience you are willing to share.  Well done!!!

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