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Small snap?

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Where we fish there are tiger musky. I mostly fish for tigers while the wife fishes for bass. I run tieable steel or heavy fluro leader. My wife runs mostly senkos. I make her run a 30lb fluro just in case of a tiger but she has trouble tying knots with it when she wants to switch lures. Is there a small snap that will work for her so she can swap out hooks and lures on her own without tying?


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I know these are very small even the extra large size for the species you are after but they are 40 lb test and if they will fit the eylets or rings you are using they can save time for the bass. You may wish to use a small Spro swivel a few feet above it .



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The vmc snaps are great for trolling, but you won't get nearly the same presentation casting with the clips. If she were using heavy tackle and musky sized stuff I'd say go that route, but the senko is a phenomenal finesse choice and im sure you will take bass bites away from her unless you tie on. If shortcuts worked as well they would be called the way...Knots can be a pia especially with heavy flouro, but I tie EVERY casted lure. Having several rods prerigged is an option as well.

Justin Okrepki
NYSDEC licensed guide #7324

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