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Bald Eagle Tournament Series *new tournament*

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A BRAND new tournament on Lake Ontario!


A 5 part series including the ports of Bald Eagle Creek, Oak Orchard, and Sandy Creek!


Dates: June 9 July 22 July 28 August 19 and the final tournament/ banquet on Sept 3rd


$100 per boat each date


3 fish box (1 lake trout). Point structure for each individual tournament will include 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound.


An additional $50 for the overall championship series **must be paid by June 9th to be eligible** The entire pool will be paid to the 1st overall Boat of the series. The point structure for the championship will be by placement per tournament, not weight. The point total of your best 3 placements out of the 5 tournaments will determine the winner.



100% payout to the top 30% of teams in each tournament.


Weigh in is at Bald Eagle Marina. You must be in line by 3:45PM


You can double dip the KOTO events as weigh in ends at 3PM for that event.


Contact Bald Eagle Marina or myself for more info!


Check out the Facebook page for event info and rules!






Susan 585 659 8603


Nick 585 746 8307


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NIck, just to be clear so there is no confusion the KOTO events weigh-in does not end at 3PM you must be in line by 3 basically that is the time it starts.

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Back to the top! We have back-to-back BETS events coming up!

Saturday July 22 and Friday July 28th are the next two tournaments!

$100 cash each event paid to Bald Eagle Marina or myself to get in! We may have an announcement for a third way to pay at the Oak!

Again, fishing is out of Bald Eagle, Sandy Creek, or Oak Orchard. Your box consists of your 3 biggest fish (1 lake trout max).

For the boats in the overall- we have $500 cash for the Boat who finishes as top dog!

Again, we're taking your 3 best finishes, so fishing all 5 gives you a few extra tries to place a little better and get your points up!

Weigh in starts at 8am and you must be in line by 3:45PM!

Good luck!

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Another tourney in the books! 16 boats this time.


A huge congrats to Jeremy Goodison for putting the smack down on some matures with his two kids!


For anyone in the overall that is not happy so far with their results- there are still 3 more to go and only your top 3 points standings will be counted at the end. You still have time to turn it around!


Next one is this Friday July 28th!


Standings for part 2 and the overall points standings are below:







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Attn regarding Fri 7/28 tournament. Due to weather showing NE at 20mph and low entries due to the wind/ wave forecast we will be cancelling the Friday tournament.

We will work with everyone to schedule the new date.

Thank you and feel free to call me with any questions


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Results from last Saturday's BETS event. 16 boats and we paid out top 5.

Congrats to Jerry and team on a monster 69 lb box along with all of the other winners! A shout out to Lucas and team for putting up a 3rd place finish while being back at the dock by 1030am. Final standings just got tight! 2 events left and it's anyone's game at this point.

The next tournament is Saturday Aug 19th. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Bets 3.jpg

Bets 3 Overall Points.jpg

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Bets 3.jpg
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