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Spent too much time at Sandy!!!!!

Yankee Troller

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I had one of those drive past me while musky trolling on the St Lawrence a few years back. They look like they'd take a wave over the side pretty easy....and they are kinda slow, but pretty darn cool!!

Hey....just mount some dipsey holders on the side and your set! No dock fee or nothin....just drive from home right into the lake, then back home after a day of fishing :roll: !!

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I know a guy who has one of those along with 28 other cars. He is quite a collector. I can't believe there are a couple still a couple around and still in working order. You should see the the weatherstripping around the doors, like 2 layers and a neat little prop under the bumper which engages with a PTO, kind of like a tractor.

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I knew that was the way to get in from Cuba, but is homeland really that tough at the Rainbow bridge?

Maybe they should mount a windmill as a hood ornament Ray!

I wonder what the top speed is? It can't be enough to plane out with all that drag, but the wheels would help getting out of Braddocks!

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