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26' to 27' Penn Yan (Purchase made)


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Looking to buy a Penn Yan around this size for next season, will use this boat approx. 15 to 20 times a year with family and friends. Small chance I may consider another make or comparable model, but looking to fish Lake Ontario by 2009, buyer not in a hurry to purchase.

Needs to be very dependable & clean looking, a well running vessel, rigged or not rigged, no dog house.

Will look at any and all opportunities, looking to spend 10 to 25k, E Mails welcome to school me even further on my potential purchase or to help us out in any way, never turn down extra help, might just own this vessel for a very long time. Presently fish from vessels ranging up to 46' so we are use to roomy vessels come tourney time but wanting to scale down economically to take the family out during the interim's, just want the roomiest quarters possible in a smaller vessel

[email protected]

Need a vessel to add the A-TOM-MIK name to (:


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Thanks for all the help, have looked at 8 Penn Yans so far and dealt with lots of leads, even water tested 4 so far, actually have several in mind I would consider owning if that perfect vessel doesn't show up between now and spring. But still looking...........


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Bought a boat, 1990 model 26' Pro Hunter with a newer re-power, inboard non-tunnel and has a later model Ray Marine radar and Furuno GPS, also has a dated Furuno fish finder soon to be replaced with a new 585, has outriggers and a new floor, boat is surprisingly clean and looks like she has been handled well through the years (hopefully (: ) Will also be adding 3 new Brutes, many Big Jon rod holders and many Tekotas come spring !!!! (: (: (:

PD $12,500 which included the 350 mile haul, winterization and shrink wrap. The boat was as close as I could find to everything I was looking for, searched for a few months and made about 6 offers and put in about 2500 miles worth of drive time looking before I struck a deal. I looked at about a dozen potential boats

Was fun searching, had a good time and met a few people, not a bad time to shop, all offers were on 26 to 27' Penn Yans, all of which each of the owners were not willing to give away for a steal like I was looking/hoping taking the economy into consideration.

Thanks guys for the help, many anglers I talked to during my search gave me some great input and info that I used to my benefit, I am often reminded how close knit us big lake guys can be while others of us are in need. I received a lot of great info from many willing to aid in any way...........



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