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wire diver rod length

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currently running only 1 braid diver rod off each side of the boat. thinking of adding wire divers am wondering what length rod s everyone runs was thinking of 7' wire rod inside on  a1or 2 set with the braid on a10'  rod on 3 or 4 set. my main concern is clearing rigger rods on a turn we run 2 riggers 45 degrees off rear corners. thanks jim

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I run my inside rods on 1.5 setting and my outside on a 3 setting. My riggers are at 45 or 90 degrees 50 inches out and I don’t have any issues. You just have to let them out slow.



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My inside rods are 8 feet and my outside rods are 9 feet.

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Fleas got so bad this week, I wouldn't bother with braid now. Atleast out of Oswego.


My wires are on 8'6" rollers. Braids are on 9'6" rods.


Your diver rods don't need to be angled way down either. Run them how they fit your spread and setup.

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