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Mexico by the plant

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Drove up to Mexico on Thursday morning, got there around 9 am . Wind blowing hard from NW over 15-20 mph . Huge waves . So we didn’t fish .Friday , Got to the launch around 6 am , 2 boats came in . I talked to a guy on the boat, he said it’s very rough. I asked how bad was the waves , he said 3 ft with 5 and 6 ft . So to make a long story short , I went out. It was rough . Found temp in 220 fow 90 ft down , but never moved a rod . Only fished a few hours , was getting beat up from the waves . 

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Launched out of Mexico yesterday at 6a. Ran out in front of the SR and started a N troll out to 150'. Picked up 1 17lb King. Ran out to 370 fow, went 1 for 3. With no down temp really struggled to find any fish. Hopefully the west winds this week will bring some back our way!

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Fished satday from 80 to 200 . 2 hits 1 fish 19lb 20180811_090144.jpg

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My son and I fished Sat out at 7:30 went 1 for 2, landing an 18lb king but losing a 9lb at the net both on Copper. Sunday out at 7:45 went 0 for 1 losing fish and FF, broke line during fight.  We were N/NE of Oswego in 350 - 500 FOW temp was at 65 - 70. Will be back up there on 8/23.

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36 minutes ago, Andr3wxmma said:

We went 7 for 10 all on riggers Saturday 50 degress down 100 in 8 hrs of fishing in 300 FOW Saturday and 4 for 5 in 450 FOW Sunday in 5 hrs 1 on copper rest on riggers.

How many foot of copper were u runnin , thinkin of bringin 300 400 next trip

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