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Help Diagnosing Electrical issue


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Before I hassle Hank with this issue, I thought I would try tracking this down myself.


Most of the time there is no power to all my dash switches. 

When the boats been on the lift awhile, the power does work at the "power switch" (I'm assuming this feeds all the rest of the switches).  

When the power switch is working, Then I can turn on the acc. switch, it lights no problem

 I can then turn on the fish finder, no problem

If I turn on the bildge pump, all the dash lights go out and won't come on again (after its been on the lift a while, power comes back and I can go through the whole process again.

I should note that I did get the bildge to run once the other day and then it's been doing the power cut out ever since.


I don't think it's a fuse (power comes back periodically).  Should I be checking the power feed from the battery to the dash power switch?  Is the bildge pump the cause?


Thanks for any input, hope it's clear enough.

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sounds to me that the bilge pump grounds out when it gets wet or hot and creates a false ground sucking all the juice away from the system. Disconnect the bilge from the system and see if that solves your problem

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 Check the fuses in the fuse block for corrosion . This happened to me . Emery paper to clean  and ox guard. Also 12 volt tester light  . Clamp alligator clip on one side of fuse holder and touch awl point to other side . Can check switches this way also . Sounds like a bad connection. Corrosion never sleeps. 

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A few years ago I had an issue where if I started the wash down pump the electrical system would shut down. Finally discovered that the main hot wire to the fuse block was loose. Tightened it down good and no problems since.



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On ‎8‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 8:21 PM, Richard said:

sounds like a ground issue or a loose connection somewhere,


i'm with Richard on this one. I think you have a loose connection somewhere. it only gives you a major problem when a heavy load is put on the system. I've had cars where everything worked ok. but hit the starter and everything goes dim and the engine doesn't turn. it was either a corroded or loose connection at the battery. check all connections for loose or corrosion.

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