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Anybody ever use a Boyds custom stock?


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Has anybody ever used a boyds wood stock for a rifle? I wat hed some videos on them and people seem to love them but when i read reviews on google people have bad thing to say about customer service and sometimes the mags not fitting correctly. These are nice looking stocks for a great price and would love one for my savage .270.


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I’ve got one on a Marlin .22. The only fitting issue I had with it was I needed to open the inletting a touch for the factory trigger guard to fit properly. A couple of minutes with a Dremel tool and it was done. I’m pleased with the purchase overall.

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I just got one for my Thompson Center venture 308 and the magazine wouldn't latch at the front so I had to sand down the plastic piece on the stock with a dremel tool to allow for the mag latch to close.  Basically the plastic piece was too thick so the tab on the front of the magazine tab couldn't spring back but otherwise I love the stock.  I also took sandpaper and smoothed out the inside of the mag well.  It was like a 30 minute job to get it all set and installed.  I'm getting another one for my TC Omega Z5 and going with the thumbhole for that.  

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