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One Musky Lure to Rule Them All...

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22 hours ago, Cat Power said:

great photo


i've always wanted to try a Baker lure on LSC.  

The charter captains have been doing well on them! 







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Lake st clair is my home waters, I'm very fortunate.  Fish it often, mostly on Canada side.  actually, fishing tomorrow with 5 guys 


I have hundreds of tuff Shads, Boss Shads, loke, ziggie, harvo baits, etc


Simply stated, I don't know how to buy Baker baits, other than seeing them on Ebay occasionally.  I don't see a website, and I don't see them at team rhino, etc.  



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On 10/21/2022 at 1:02 PM, Cat Power said:

Blue Water Baits - 6" Musky Crank – Chautauqua Reel Outdoors (shopcrotackle.myshopify.com)


$12.00 BWB might be the best deal I have seen all year


I ordered 6 today 

received these lures today.  Look really good.  


not really sure if they are discontinued models by BWB or what?  I don’t see them on their website.



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