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We didn’t hit the water until 1:00 pm. Launched out of Mexico Point Launch. Water was high but someone built a wooden extension out to the dock so no issues. Fished east along the shore for Browns from 8’ to 25’ of water. Ran 5 spoons and one stick on planer boards and long lines, some weighted some not. Fished the shore until about South Creek Pond with no takers. Turned and went deep to 50’ to see if we could mark anything. Still nothing so we went back to the shore and fished back to Mexico Pt. Nothing, so we pulled up and motored to Nine Mile Pt. Set up again and trolled the shore with the same setup until Catfish Creek. Nothing again so we turned and went out to 60’. Still no marks so we called it a day at 7:00pm. Bright sunshine and flat water probably didn’t help much. Going to try again in the morning, maybe west of Oswego. 

Happy Fishing!

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25 minutes ago, Todd in NY said:

What was the water surface temperature? That makes for a long day of fishing.

Over by Snake Creek the surface temp was 50. Nine Mile Pt it was 48.

It was a long day but still beats working 😉

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