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Fished 2pm-7pm. Finished the day 7 for 9, 1 small steelhead, 6 kings...21#, 20# 17#, 14# and a few juvies. Trolled straight north out of Olcott 60- 80 down over 230-325 fow. Turned southest toward the microwave tower, then west in 230 back to original line and North again. Ended the trip with the 21# and 17# double. All fish caught on north troll, and west troll. Spnidoctor/ atomic pro/am fly took 4 hits, DW Mag NBK took the 21# down 80ft on the rigger. DW Mag Seasick Waddler took a few. Lake flattened out nicely as the day progressed.0714191844a.jpeg0714191842_HDR.jpeg0714191740b.jpeg

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Caught 4 (plus 1 shaker steelie), lost 2, Was only out about 4 hours, off before noon.  44 degree water about 70ft down in 300FOW, stayed between 280 and 370 FOW seemed like every time I turned into the wind we were into something.  Marked a decent amount of bait as well. 


Looking at the pics in this thread it seems all the 4 year olds are female, same for us, I dont think we took a male king.


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