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Glad you got out Mike....hope you saved a few big ones for us:lol:

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Just a quick report from today Friday 16 th

really nice morning calm wàters fish all ways no current etc, easy going

started to mark fish right away, set up in 120 to start at 6:50 am 

6:57 95 deep rigger takes a hit and from that fish to 9:20 am is was none stop action it’s was hard to keep rods set

a mix of small, medium and large kings between 120 to 175, the cold water was under 100 feet

it slowed down but didn’t stop and I finished with a nice one at 12:36 pm

Hooked 11, landed 8 

lots of boats out 200 to 300 I did not see the need to go out there

good luck to anyone who uses the info

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Best action for us was 200 to 250.We went 9 for twelve .Big fish came on prochip black and green dot blue fly on diver set about 120.Water was colder inside a few fish taken.Spoons chicken wing yellow nbk dolphin.Went out saturday fora few hours but little going on inside 100 before rain storm came through.

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