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Up here, we've been told that the border currently is closed both on land and on the water but on Lakes Erie & St. Clair many are still crossing to take advantage of the early bass season state-side. some have been turned back but many have not encountered any issues. Still don't think that it is worth because at some point they will make an example of someone!

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I was boating on the St. Lawrence river this past weekend (30 May 2020) and went by the Wellesley Island station of the US Customs and Border Protection. There were a few agents at the dock, and i went over and asked them if i could transit downriver along Grenadier Island, on the Canadian channel side. Their words were " I would highly advise against it, if they catch you it will be a $750 fine.". They also anticipated that mid to late June is when the closure will be lifted, but weren't sure.  I thanked them and went downriver on the US side. That being said, I have known people that have done more than a casual crossing across the border but have not gotten hassled - but not getting stopped doesn't mean that they won't stop you if they are out.


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