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The 56th Annual National Lake Trout Derby is STILL ON for May 23rd, 24th and 25th. With approval from the health department we are moving forward with this years derby.
Some necessary alterations to this years derby are as follows
  1. The only location that will be open for weigh station will be Stivers Seneca Marine in Waterloo NY.
  2. Prize money will be prorated with the number of registrants for the 2020 derby. Mail-in registration cut off extended to May 15th. Online registrations accepted until May 22nd at 5:00pm. Stivers Marine accepting walk in registrations until May 22nd 11:59pm.
  3. The award ceremony held on Monday at the completion of the derby is CANCELED and prizes will be mailed.
  4. We are not having the blind drawing at the weigh station. We encourage you to limit your trips to the weigh station by checking the online live standings regularly during the derby. Do not bring in a fish that you do not believe will place. We will only be paying out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.
  5. Fish with those family and friends that you have been staying home with. Do not congregate.
  6. The $4,000 cash prize raffle will be postponed until 2021. All tickets sold will be put in the 2021 drawing.
Weigh in station protocol:
- When you arrive to Stivers Marine, whether by boat or car, please blow your horn or call the marine (315) 789 5520 to let us know of your arrival. Only one boat/car at a time at the weigh tent.
-Remain 6ft apart while at the weigh station.
-Return to boat/car immediately after fish are entered.
We appreciate everyone's understanding of the changes to this years derby. Good luck, and stay safe.
The Derby Team 
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Hi all I would like to make a few points about the national lake trout derby. First many of you don't know it's run by finger lakes sportsorama witch is a non-profit organization that donates all profit from the derby back to nonprofit organizations around the lake. No one is putting money in their pockets. Only you the winners.
As for only one weigh station in Geneva back from the start to the late 80s there was only one with over 2000 entrants.
As for the 40 or 50 dollar entry. if my family of 4 go out for supper at a good steak restaurant we spend around 150.00 for about 1 or 2 hours of entertainment and a full belly. So I don't think 200.oo for 3 days of fishing is too bad plus you might win something.
My father fished this derby from the start with me and the dog stuffed into the nose of A 16 ft. boat until he passed. I missed a few years with raisin 2 boys that love to fish.
Please enter the derby and fish safely.
Thank you Dennis Layton
Former President of the national lake trout derby.



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15 hours ago, National Lake Trout Derby said:

Great to hear from you Dennis. Appreciate the support for all these years. As you mentioned the proceeds from the derby all go back into local organizations across the lake or as prize money. The amount of money we can pay out depends on the registration numbers. Get registered and lets make this another successful year! 


I would like to donate a Gambler Rigs prize pack for the winner.  Please contact me with contact info so I can ship it out.

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I think this year the virus is a main culprit in reducing involvement  so hopefully once this stuff gets under better control things may improve in terms of public participation. Probably a variety of factors have been involved in the decline since the 80's. Hopefully the lake will rebound to its previous status as well with time.

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