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1 hour ago, littlemack01 said:

That's the way it was last Thursday , went thru fish for 6 hours without a hit . I was trying to decide if this week was worth coming up but now I think I'll wait till next week . Looks like some west wind is coming over the weekend .

Lol. Good call. I wasnt gonna make the drive and if I was still trailering I would have stayed home. I was in NY so why not drive an extra 2 hrs to the boat and putt around a while.  

when ur up Mack shoot  me a PM Good chance I’m up as well.  
best of luck.  

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1 hour ago, Hachimo said:

This weekends weather should help out with the fishing in mexico bay. Gonna b snotty but that blow should push better water in




Noooo…..hopefully it changes.  I got shut down this weekend because my wife and I were one step too close to someone who got this covid crap.  I was supposed to come up last Thursday.  We bailed just to be cautious and our potential connection tested negative....finally on Monday.  I still have yet to float my boat.  When I do I might troll until I run out of gas out of spite!

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Sorry to hear that Kevin.  First u dont get out becouse ur cleanin up after an extensive red squirrel party, now that.  Fishin been slow if that makes it any better:thinking: 

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I fished that dead zone around 9mile all that same weekend into weds and the fish had lockjaw.i ended up heading west to ford shoals to find cleaner colder water on the shoreline and finally found active fish.ended up with a big laker and a bunch of nice browns in 8-25ft of water.one color lead and a smithwick on church boards back 200ft did the trick.

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