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I have been fishing the finger lakes for over 15 years and typically have really good luck picking up lakers and silvers throughout the season.


Funny thing is i live about 5 min from Lake Ontario and this year we have only had one day where we picked up brownies in the spring using inline planers. Other than that it’s been zilch.


i am obviously doing something wrong.  

today we fished 90 and 70 on the riggers with spoons and a few flasher flys out from 100 all the way out to 180 and we boated nothing and only had one release. Folks were doubling up all around us.  We fished about 2.4 mph plus or minus trying to find the bite with no luck..  


maybe I got to get my meat game going? Where do you guys buy your meat bait from? 

uhhhg..  what a tough day.. 


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  Morning bit was ok this morning then died for us. Everybody I spoke with struggled after the morn bite. Didn’t mark any bait all day which is probably why fishing was slow. Mostly fished 100-200 ft right off the point. Carbon 14 spoon was the only spoon that was halfway consistent. Great day though weather wise. Our fish came down 60-70ft.

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I fished Sandy and we had a hard time trolling west and getting our down speed to where we like it . 


East we had to speed up . 


All I can tell you is turn  And zig zag a lot if you don't have down speed and your lure will be going the right speed some of the time  And note direction of troll on release  


Our dipseys were best today . 

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Fishhawk is a must but if your not getting bit at all then you really need to get with someone who’s consistently steady catching fish. Reading a good bend in a dipsy should at minimal keep you at a catchable speed. There’s so many little details to fine tune to get consistent and a solid fisherman can cut that learning curve in half. I got blessed with a lot of guys feeding me info/techniques and it builds the confidence . The ability to throw a great mixed spread , pick good starting points, etc all come with experience. Just keep grinding away

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I fished this lake a lot since they put the first put the fish in with only surface speed/ temp and feel I did pretty well 


2 years ago my son talked me into a fish hawk . Amazes me the under currents   out there and how I am constantly adjusting to them . 


I have talked 2 different guys in to getting one this year . 


Buy the fish hawk , you won't regret it . 

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