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Bald eagle tournament

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Fished the 4 th leg of the bald eagle tournament yesterday out of sandy. We setup just west of port in 60 fow and our screens were loaded, but nothing wanted to play. We pushed out to 90 fow and that's when things started to pop. We had an insane morning bite that dried up at 630. It was tough to move rods after that. We ended the day going 9-13. Carbon 14 was our best spoon, on a 65 ft rigger. Lost a couple on meat and landed one mature on a double crush glow with an atommik stud fly behind it. Divers were at 210 and 160 on a 3 setting. No copper bite at all. Finished in 1st place with a 66 lb box. IMG_0281_20200815_095330.jpeg123951_20200815_064859.jpegIMG_0290_20200815_161256.jpegIMG_0279_20200815_064223.jpeg


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