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Started late morning in about 100 FOW and worked shallow, best luck was between 80 and 90, flasher fly almost on bottom was best, took one on green NBK as well.  Marked lots of fish and lots of bait. Currents not as bad as last week went 3 for 5, lost a nice one right behind the boat.



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I run braid on my dipseys and #3 settings. I struggle with figuring depth that far . Once I get past the usual 1/3rd split say 210 for 70' I get lost. You mentioned 290, what depth do you think you're hitting? I'm assuming 90 +, or do they bottom out closer to 80?

We just go in from 350-450'. Went 5 for 9. Got 3 Kings and 2 Steelhead. 3 fish came 131' down on rigger with white flasher and white fly.
other 2 were 290 out on meat with braid  on dipsy #3 setting.

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