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Rigging Suggestions

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Hi All,


I bought a 16' Lund Rebel Tiller this year.  I have been fishing the great lakes and WNY fishing since a very young age and have a good idea of how I want to rig it.  Nothing speaks for experience though and I plan to change some of my focus on how I grew up fishing.  Mainly I would like to fish inland lakes.


Fishing by Priority:

Inland walleye (Chautauqua and Finger Lakes)

Inland Crappie and Perch Fishing (Chautauqua and Finger Lakes)

Lower Niagara River Trout, Salmon, and Bass

Spring Brown Trout an Coho (Ontario)

Chautauqua Lake Musky


Existing Gear:

9" Humminbird G3N DI Mega+

80# 60" Ulterra

2 cisco 90 degree lund mounts w down east salty rod holder


Planned Gear:

2 - 48" Cisco mounting brackets

2 cisco rod trees with 3 holders

2 cisco single tube rod holders


1 Humminbird G4N SI Mega+

1 Minn Kota Traxxis 80# (considering for boat control drifting lower river)



Thoughts? Overboard, suggestions, anything I am missing?




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I would live to have it, but that would mean adding downriggers too which I was not planning on.  I am looking to buy a large lake boat as well in about 5 years or so.  I would use that for any deep water trolling.  Do you guys feel it is a game changer for walleye trolling on inland lakes? I know down speed and temp is crucial for salmon trolling, but is that maybe just a actor that the great lakes have such a drastic difference in the currents down deep vs surface?

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Inland fishing on Chautauqua I just use surface temp and GPS speed for walleyes with my Lund.  On Lake Erie with my lake boat I run down speed and temperature.  IMO unless you plan to deep water troll for trout in the Finger Lakes with riggers you won’t need down speed and temp.  I have tracks on my Lund and salties for musky trolling.  At one time I had riggers for the Lund but took mounting and wiring off as I rarely used them.

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I don't know what I would use a rigger for. If and when I want to be able to troll deep water I will buy a bigger lake boat. For now I have young kids and have limited time to get out on the water. I plan on my primary focus being walleye, perch and calico. I also intend to do some musky fishing. 

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