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I prefer 19 strand to 7 strand. I find it’s diameter difference irrelevant. It’s softer, easier on guides, frays before breaking giving you an opportunity to affect a repair instead of losing gear; it’s extra initial cost is saved the first time you find and repair a bad spot instead of losing gear. You can also tie some knots in it without linking and breaking.


Other people will tell you they prefer 7 (or something else) and they will have their reasons.


What really matters is what you think, why not give it a try and find out if you like it.


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19 strand is more foregiving especially for newer users.  it is less kink prone and can be used with a normal rod tip.  

that said the strands are thinner and single strands can break easier so have to keep an eye on it for damage but that really is true of any and all lines not just wire.

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