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"Mini-Seth Green" from a kayak


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Picking though some unused gear, I came up with this hair-brained idea. 


The rod is a 34" HT Blue ice heavy action with an older Penn 209 level-wind. It's short enough that I think I can manage detaching leaders without leaning too far if I've got  fish on.


Gonna load it up with 50Lb braided line with dropper loops every 10-15 foot instead of bead chains so I don't have to use roller guides.  Figuring I can use hardware like duo-locks, swivels, weight that I already have, so no purchases necessary,  


Convince me it won't work....


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Looks like a very interesting and creative idea. A couple things I would suggest with that modification: Get a Penn power handle for the reel, and be especially alert to the rod tip and line as with that short of a rod you may have trouble spotting small fish on the rod as there won't be much tip motion. Probably be able to go with 8-16 oz weights since little drag from boat. Might also want to consider a safety line attached to the rod given its short length and light weight:smile: Good luck with it cool idea.

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