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40 minutes ago, Low Baller said:

Good old Rusto pro. Takes forever to cure. But not too shabby for a buggy backyard Wagner shoot.😉


Thanks! Mine is a 1974 boat. I thought about using the Rust-Oleum self-etching primer. It's OD Green, and that's what color I want to paint it anyway. But the hardest part will be removing 3-4 layers of old paint first.

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I'm no painter, but if you have a good base don't strip it to bare aluminum. Mine is a 98, had a decent factory base. Used the rusto etching primer on bare spots and rivets. It's not an auto body job but looks a he'll of alot better.  I was going to clear coat but a good coat of wax is fine for me. It'll be all scuffed up by the end of the season anyway. If you go cheaper with Ruston, stick to the same primer. Did alot of research 1st. 

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