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for sale : usa Surplus stuff

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Great Lakes planers Triple rod Trees  Like new!  New cost is 219.00 each. Selling pair for $300.00.   SOLD
Vertical stack triple rod holder

Big Jon Planer reels $75 each

Big Jon Pulleys $ 50 each SOLD

Big Jon Mast Base. $ 25


Cannon Gimbal mounts 4 of them 9 inch polished stainless steel. $ 70 each or $ 100 a pair SOLD 1..  3 remaining. 


Outboard hydrofoil SE Sport 300 new in package $ 40.00 SOLD

Cannon pedestal bases 2 for sale 6 inch pedestal fits standard track mount rails. $45  each SOLD  pending receipt of payment. 


Cannon Cannon 1904031 Aluminum Fixed Base Downrigger Pedestal - 6" 1904031











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Adjust quantities due to sales
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10 hours ago, High Point said:

Where are you located? Interested in rod trees if still available. 

High Point. They are still available other person changed his mind. Just let me know if interested or not. Thanks




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