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I’m going away for a week and won’t return home till 5 days before opener. Since I’m hunting the same farm  I’ve hunted for years I decided to put up 4 pop up blinds early without much scouting. (I have seen plenty of birds on the farm).  They generally roost in same areas yearly so I’m confident where I set them up and birds will have plenty of time to get use to them.

I’ll have a few days to scout before season opens to determine which I want to

hunt first but I’ve killed multiple  birds at all 4 locations previously. 

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We drove to NJ yesterday morning during the snow. We saw around 8 flocks of turkeys totally over 50

birds on our short drive from home to Watertown but only 2 birds the rest of the trip. Looks like I live in a decent spot for turkey hunting compared to more to

our south.

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Came back from the Yates county Youth program for this weekend. What an amazing opportunity for kids that are starting out. The volunteers that orchestrated this event along with its sponsors and guides can’t be thanked enough. My son is pumped. 

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