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Yankee's last weekend in the ROC 4/23-4/24 - We stayed becasue of the Salmon bite!

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April 23rd - 

Today we were joined by locals who have their own boat and fish Lake Ontario regularly. This is our last weekend in Rochester before we head up West, but today Brown Trout were not the target species. We were 100% skinny water Salmon fishing. At the end of the day the Salmon won, but we did land 4 and lost at least 5. A few fish we lost weren't on long enough to tell. They'd rip the Offshore OR-12 back and then they were gone. We also landed a couple Brown Trout.
We targeted 20-30' of water all morning. Our program consisted of six Offshore OR-12 inline boards. The outside boards were loaded with Bay Rat LS, and the inside ones pulled deep diving sticks. We also fished our three Cannon Downriggers and two divers. We took bites on all the presentations. Spoons were fished on the riggers and divers. Stick colors that worked were Citric Shad and Cracked Sea Coral. Spoons that fired were Wonderbread, Pickleseed, Sea Sick Waddler, Mixed Veggies, and UV NBK.
April 24th - 
Today we had a single passenger due to some buddies oversleeping. Sam is from New York City, and is here going through medical school at the University of Rochester. Smart kid!
Anyway, we left the Port of Rochester at 6am and started off with a Brown Trout program that grabbed us north of 15 Brownies. Most fish were cookie cutters, but we did wrangle up a porker. Best Bay Rat color was Ridin' Dirty. The Black Flash 3.5 took a couple as well behind a Chinook Diver. We worked 7-8' of water for those fish. On the way back we slid out to 25-30' looking for a Salmon. We ended the day 3/4 on Kings and we also poked a nice drop back Steelie. UV Pickle Seed took two fish on a 50' Slide Diver, another took a UV NBK on two colors of FishUSA Stealthcore, and two Kings took deep diving sticks.
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3 hours ago, Gill-T said:

Nice bag. Rest assured Rick there are plenty of fish to play with in Niagara county!  Come west my friend and join the hunt!


Yup, headed there soon, but I enjoy fishing Salmon in that skinny water. 

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Yankee- wanna give ya a huge shout out for helping me lesson my lake o learning curve just by following all your posts!

The time you take to break down techniques and explain your spreads has helped out a ton to weekend warriors like me. Not everyone does what you do by sharing so know your time and effort helps us common folks out greatly!  

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:yes: x2 Heading up to Mexico this weekend to open camp and get the boat out of storage. Based on some of the recent reports...we are looking forward to trying to catch some spring kings!

Tight lines!

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