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Hemlock Fishing

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If you want tons of largemouth, head over to honeoye. We were on vacation in the area this past week and caught 70 largemouth in just under 6 hrs of fishing. Senko wacky rigged in 8 to 10 feet of water. Watermelon red flake and green pumpkin red flake were the best 











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Spinner bait fishing on hemlock will get you chains and bass.  soft plastic (texas rig) works well once you find the right size,color,tail.  Cranks work great too but usually later in the summer.  Biggest issue with plastics is the large amount of voracious small gills that destroy em.  fish deeper with drop shot too.  The bigger bass follow the bait schools.  But there is little bass pressure on Hemlock so there are willing takers and they are good sized.


Honeoye is fun on a week day.  We don't count bass.  We count doubles.  A lot of fun.


Good luck

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For Hemlock cranks were mentioned

Any perch or natural deep diving crank trolled along in down 20 - 30 will take large and smallmouth but its on early i mean early later after 10 or so it slows way down so later am hit it deep and slow it down with minnows if you can get em  

good luck this lake is a treasure💯

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Headed down this week with the kayak. Mostly just to get a good paddle, but will be bringing some basic fishing gear. If I wanted to cast for bass, what is a good starting point..thx
Start at the first point to half way down the lake. There are channel swings on points 12' deep, stay on weed edge. Otherwise get out to 12' + on flats and find the weed edge. You can ALWAYS find fish in 10'+ during hot summer as long as there's sufficient cover. I prefer shaky heads and drop shots. If it's breezy throw a 8-10' crankbait, or half Oz swimbait. Keep your colors natural, nothing flashy or bright

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