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So I have a bunch of family coming to my house from all over to go to the Bills / Cleveland game.  I need it Sat and Sun . 


I'm looking to rent a 12 person van and can't find one . Hertz , Enterprise , have sold their vans to Amazon . I started looking 2 months ago . 


I live in Holley near Brockport. 


This is my hail Mary . Any leads ? 

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6 hours ago, whaler1 said:

Limo bus is the way to go

X2    Really the way to go especially if you can get others to chip in becomes quite reasonable.

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I have been working on my house painting the upstairs , new carpet ,etc for 6 weeks  Guys were going to stay at my house , girls are the cottage . 


I reserved a vehicle . 


Had people coming in from Orlando , Rhode Island, North Carolina , Saratoga . 


Now nobody except my son from NC and I cancelled the vehicle . Probably saved me 1+ K . 


My son who is a season ticket holder with his friends are considering driving to Detroit  thru Canada . 


I told these people in Aug  when they got tickets something like this could happen . 

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