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  2. Has anyone installed a Trollmaster pro on a mercury 2 stroke. I was recently going to purchase one of these units but after looking at the install manual I contacted the company and they said that none of their models work for a 2 stroke engine. I find this weird so I thought I would ask to see if anyone has ever done it, or is using one of the models. Thanks
  3. Salmon Slam with lakers was and is a joke. if the salmon fishing is off then so be it.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the DR for sale...I'm in Maine right now, but my boat trailer is in Mexico, Ny at Salmon Country. I would pay for shipping, but maybe we can work out a deal to deliver to Mexico this spring? Please check on shipping costs for me to Hudson, Maine I can do PP... Dave
  5. I have attached a copy of the program slides from this years salmon school. Look closely for the pattern used by three of the best Captains on the lake. Good luck I started two years ago and the people on Lake Ontario are the best!
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  7. To really examine this correlation, you will need to normalize the poop numbers for dog size and diet. Also, do you exclude foreign matter as described by Gator, or does that bolster the weight? And you might need to factor in yard size to insure comparability from site to site.
  8. I think I asked this exact same question here when I first got my probe setup. Seemed scary to have a $300 probe hanging off a $10 blacks release. But 3 years later I have not had any issues (knock on wood).
  9. I have a 25' Wellcraft that I run a Honda 9.9 kicker that has worked out fine. The only problem I would see with the bigger kicker is weight. And I would agree with the don't skimp on the bracket I went overkill on mine and have had no issues Sent from my SM-G970U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. P. Sent Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Also getting better gas mileage with my 5.7lL Hemi in my 2019 Ram than I did in my 2012 4.0L Frontier
  12. Just drove by cranberry pond , 1 guy out there and far out to. Not sure how good the ice could be but u have to walk off and it's still above freezing. For sure , never seen the weather like this Sent from my Pixel XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I owned this exact truck in the 2012 year class. I towed my 19' Aluminum. Total towing weight (boat/motor/trailer/full tank of gas) was 3300lbs. I would say the truck pulled the boat without issue but breaking distance was poor, even with top of the line aftermarket rotors and pads the truck did not do a great job stopping. I will add that my trailer WAS NOT equipped with surge breaks or breaking of any kind. (when you exceed 3000lbs surge breaks are required). This caused me to upgrade to a full size truck this winter. I would say if your trailer has breaks you might be ok. but without them I would not recommend it Power was not an issue at all
  14. The secret is out! Just kidding. That lure is on my shopping list for spring already. I'm hoping I can make it to the show in Chautauqua at the end of April and Llungen will be there. If not, Team Rhino has some killer colors online. Another basic lure that consistently works for me is a Depth Raider. Two problems that I think cost me fish trolling are running too slow and too deep. I'm going to run faster on my top end and a lot more short leads this year.
  15. Ah OK. As far as the kicker it would probably depend on whether you have enough space on the transom (you didn't mention what type main motor you already have but usually I/O, inboard or Tunnel drive etc. on those boats) or if using a bracket you'd need a very stout one especially if the 25 hp is a four stroke. That motor with power tilt will be pretty heavy despite the size of the boat. I'm assuming you are intending to fish Lake O? Or Finger Lakes too? Most of the lures and attractors can be used in both places but often the rod and reel setups but you didn't mention what rods and reels you may already have. As far as Lake trout fishing in both Lake O and the Finger Lakes one of the most productive things to use with riggers or on wire rigs is cowbells (Hammerhead Spinners are very good) with Gambler Rigs behind them. They come in many color combinations and sizes but they all work well. I prefer the #4 and #5 cowbells and the regular sized gambler Rigs but the micro sized ones work on the Finger Lakes too. These cowbells offer less resistance in the water than the older style metal ones (e.g. Luhr Jensen's and others). They can be found here: https://www.hammerheadchartersandtackle.com/40-50-spinners/ The gambler rigs can be found here: https://gamblerrigs.com/ As far as salmon and trout : everyone has favorite spoons and stickbaits on here and they have been discussed in depth on various threads here so maybe searching for those threads would help you select some specific ones to try. Size is important; It is best to have an assortment of sizes in both spoons or sticks and a range of colors both light and dark and some just silver, brass, and copper. The magnum spoons seem to be less productive on the Finger Lakes at least for me but at some times in the season they are very productive on Lake O. Although downriggers can be workhorses there are times when they don't necessarily excel out there and wire dipsy divers are a main way to catch trout and salmon especially when used with attractors such as flashers and Spin Doctors which came in a number of sizes as well. The attractors can also be run behind downriggers and commonly employ flies behind them or spoons. Combinations of green and white has always been a "go to" for me on both the attractor and fly. As you go along other setups can be added such as leadcore and copper wire run from planer boards. I know this is just general information and it is intended to give you an idea what to search for on here for specific recommendations regarding lures, colors etc. There is a wealth of information already available here on just about anything you can imagine if you research it. P.S. Another thing to help with the rigger fishing if you haven't already done it is get some shark shaped weights that off er less resistance in the water than the older style weights so that you depth penetration is better. Some older electric motors only were recommended for 10 lbs max and in general the heavier weights tend to create less "blowback" of the downrigger wire. Bikinibottom on here makes some very nice effective shark shaped weights in a number of weights and are highly recommended.
  16. I have one, my boat is a 20ft tiller and weighed 3950 when I pulled it over the scale. I have an F250 in the driveway and unless I’m taking the truck camper I tow with the frontier. Plenty of power breaks fine, I have trailer breaks. All around it’s just more comfortable than the F250, I love my frontier my only complaint is that the mileage sucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks guys for your imput.Thinking about a Ram 1500,had one in the past and was a great tow vehicle and gas mileage was not bad.
  18. I have a brand new Beckman 6ft-9ft extendable handle. $60 Pickup only (Utica-Rome Area). I can get pictures for anyone that wants them.
  19. Keep an eye on this sight and ask questions of where how deep and what color some guys will be tight lipped but some of us are not you will find you might not even need to ask you will see it in their post and the pictures to go along with the info
  20. Where are you fishing? What are your speeds? We just started trolling this year for musky and had great success (except for our Chataqua trip) We had awesome luck with one lure all year - it caught 80% of our fish. (Lungsten 22 short) - even though we had 3 rods in the water at all times, this one lure was the winner every single time. As far as rods go I don't think it matters. We fish St Croix musky trolling rods. It's all up to your budget.
  21. I'm going to suggest something that might seem a bit off the point but maybe a good idea: before you get too far along take a charter from one of the guys on this website. Ask in advance if you can bounce some ideas and questions off them. Make a list of questions beforehand that is relevant to your situation (e.g like the things above). Watch very closely how things are done on that boat and how it is setup and see if there are things you can replicate on your own boat. I know it costs money for a charter (maybe get some buddies to go in on it with you), and seems like it might not be absolutely necessary but it could turn out to be the most productive way to answer your questions and gain actual hands on experience which can shorten the learning curve by years rather than going out in your boat alone the first time (not a great idea anyway) and trying to figure out stuff that was suggested on here.
  22. Just an FYI as something to consider. My boat is only 18-6 ft but it is pretty wide and the trailer I have has a wide wheel base. I originally had a (used) Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with the towing package to tow the boat which weighs about 3500-4000 fully loaded (60 gal gas tank etc.). The Explorer was listed as being able to tow that weight. What I found however was that even when the tongue weight was finely tuned (important) to the situation when I reached about 60-65 mph on the thruway the "tail began to wag the dog" and the front wheels of the Explorer felt as though they were "floating". The wheelbase of the trailer was outside that of the Explorer by quite a bit and at speed it was controlling the vehicle. I purchased a used Ford Expedition which is based on a truck chassis with a wider wheelbase than the Expedition and the problem was solved and you'd never even know the boat was back there. The situation might have been improved with a "sway bar stabilizer" but I'm not sure.
  23. Don, If it breaks at the crimp near the swivel snap (snap which is rated for about 200 plus pounds) the safety wire (90 lb ss wire) should still hold it if the crimp in the middle of the release prevents the Black release from sliding down (hopefully). The Fishhawk break away cable is designed to prevent loss of the probe by sacrificing the weight alone but this is presuming the main cable doesn't break. The setup above is in addition to the break away cable (not pictured). The Fishhawk breakaway cable attaches to the main swivel snap pictured above and the snap of the safety wire also snaps on the probe along with the main snap so both attach in the same hole to the top of the probe. As I mentioned it hasn't been tested but I have seen a couple of the probes deep sixed on other boats so I figured it was worth the $300 for a new probe to try something different.
  24. I classify this truck as a I would the Ford Ranger that Ford made unchanged for years, til 2011. And you see all kinds of vehicles going down the road pulling things they probably shouldn't be. In any case, I did not look it up but I would guess its max tow rating is about 5000-5500 lbs. Throw in some gear in the boat, in the truck, some passengers etc. and it is a loaded truck at its max. It is one thing if you are going 5 miles twice a year, quite another if you are pulling it all over. The Nissan has not been updated since 2004 or 2005, not that it is bad but it doesn't have the enhancements that have come in the past decade. Pickups are ridiculously expensive both new and used I just think there are better options to pull that type of weight.
  25. Run true out of the package but they are still tunable if you choose to tune them.
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