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  2. BSmaster

    Spring Gobble

    I was happily surprised this morning when I heard a gobble. Got my electronic call out and fired him up good. I know where he is but there are at least 2 other turkey hunters closer to him than me. He may not even keep the same roost over the next month.
  3. BSmaster


    I like Knight and Hale. It works so good That I will stop my truck in the middle of the road and call to some flying and they come right in. I never would have thought in a million years that was possible. I discovered this trying to use it as a locator call for turkeys in the spring. Even the stupid ravens wouldn't leave me alone. I went back and read my thread from years back. There was some good info and some well... entertainment. Crows are a nuisance (in many ways) just as much as rock doves defecating on farm equipment and hay. There is an underlying purpose even though it seems to be sporty. I haven't killed for sport since I was in my single digits. I killed so many songbirds with my bb gun that I thought my Grandma was going to disown me. No good reason for it and I wouldn't do it today but I was a natural born killer and I liked it at that age. After many brushes with death I do not treat life the same way. Everything I kill has a purpose. Could be too many roosters in the Hen house or it could be too many varmints hunting my feathery pets. I like eating fresh fish and harvest specific species but when I catch an invasive, it goes on the bank - because it shouldn't be there. When I see more coons then YOY turkey on my trail cams, I start hunting coon. etc. I also eat deer tags at the end of the year. I don't require them all to be filled. Deer herd doesn't need culling. Take what you need. I have a distain for porcupines and woodchucks for the damage they cause. Skunks are ok. One last thought: Crows are smart. I shot one last year in the yard AND I did it so I could use its feathers for some jigs. The rest of the bird's family avoids me like the plague now. they learned that I will shoot them. The saying goes that there will be three "C"s left at the end of the world. Coyotes, Crows, and Cockroaches. They are more adaptable and resistant to change than other critters.
  4. Legacy

    Copper lengths

    Im using 36' of 20# fluorocarbon on anything 200' or shorter... over 250' or more Im using 36' of 30# fluoro
  5. HB2

    Casting For Spring Browns

    3 Brown's and a northern this afternoon . Water clearing up a little Same Orange head , white body . FUN!!
  6. Need to buy some new set ups? Reel and rod recommendations? Would like to buy local and not in the big chain stores.
  7. Capt. Lou

    Hookster spoons

    18 left most mags !
  8. The damn do gooders with damn limits have over stocked the lake and too many fish have too little food to grow larger. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Garmin TR-1 Gold, brand new last year, installed but never used. $1,500 or best offer. Motor bracket not included. Current bracket is for a 2016 Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker $50 extra. Call Paul 518-817-5272
  10. BSmaster

    Turkey attack

    I guess the real question is "will they do that on May 1st?"
  11. Today
  12. yes we will be there also the last 2 weeks of July 7/20 to8/3 then hopefully Tuna fishing for Sept and Oct
  13. relaxer


    If you are installing transom mount transducer, I second the GT51 as you have Chirp down and Chirp side. I run 7600 series combo and a plotter to a GT51 and really like the overall performance both inshore and offshore.
  14. The truly interesting thing to me is the rapidity of the supposed changes. Usually significant genetic changes and adaptation have been thought to occur in much slower intervals as in thousands or millions of years.....this certainly suggests otherwise, and does it mean that there may be "forms" of genetic adaptation (e.g. short term and long term)? I'll leave it to the scientists but scratching my head nonetheless.
  15. Last price drop: Lures and pad $45 Rod and reel combos $35 each release,dipsy,rings $20
  16. sszoldra


    Make your own. They are easy to make. Get an assortment of meat heads, my favorite 2 are the clear UV and the white glow.
  17. Reel is sold. Rod is available Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Sounds like one possible reason we are not seeing 20lb steelhead either....... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Fishy

    8th Annual Fisherman's Paradise Flea Mkt./Swap Meet


    Fishy Business will be there selling fishing tackle and ladies gifts
  21. SmellsLikeFishNH

    for sale : usa Grady White 24 Off Shore

    Hi, do you have any pictures of the cuddy? Thanks!
  22. jerryriggin

    Salmon genetics - something to think about

    Not buying the size decrease isn't because of bait fish. Lake michigan went years without producing 30lb kings. Now the last couple of years size has came back in a big way with even a 40+ lb king being caught.
  23. This kind of confirms my suspicion that the kings are evolving to the LO ecosystem . Time to get new eggs from the west coast .
  24. hookedupf7


    Do you guys have any pics of rigs that you like?
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