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  2. Recently got booted out of LOU forums on Tapatalk. I have reset my password etc and can obviously post under my username as I am now but only from the website. Tapatalk will not let me login using this same password. anyone else having issues or any tips? Tapatalk works fine for walleye central and Quinte fishing
  3. Interested in any experience with 1 cylinder kickers and if they are useable. Also if one is smoother than other brands. Held off and am now looking to make the purchase. Thanks
  4. will text ya tomorrow...bit late right now
  5. When is the best time to go to st Lawrence for spring perch?
  6. tom r

    for sale : usa 1990 Thompson 260 Fisherman

    Any pictures what kind of work does a boat need?
  7. Went with a different mount, brand new save some money, new they are $135/ piece. $200 for both Traxstech's swivel mounts allow you to strategically position your downrigger and other fishing equipment in our track system. Our swivel pedestals are compatible with most brands of downriggers including Vector, Cannon, Fishlander, Big Jon, Scotty, Penn and Walker. Traxstech's swivel bases feature a pre-drilled and tapped aluminum top plate that makes it easy to mount your downrigger. Removing your fishing equipment is easy, simply loosen the thumb screws, slide your boating accessories out of the track and your boat has a nice clean look.
  8. To get the shaded relief you need the Platinum and yes it's a good improvement
  9. Yesterday
  10. Here are the Navionics and conventional nautical charts for the same area. The relief shading shown on your chart offers a substantial improvement over the conventional charts! Good share and thank you.
  11. The Three Rivers 2 day Tourney is back on for July 8th-9th. Here is the flyer. Please contact us for info.
  12. I sent you a private message
  13. Boat goes back to the shop tomorrow. I called the shop owner on the way home to CT and when he asked me how I was doing, I told him I should be fishing. He thought I was fooling around. Then I explained and he kind of got the picture. I really should have been fishing. So, I'll have to pull another shakedown cruise someplace large before going for landlocks in the First CT Lake in early May. Maybe I'll come back up to Lake O for a day, long ride though. Have fun up there guys!!!
  14. I'm going to order one for my 18ft Alumacraft. Just waiting to get it out of storage and do the measurements for the height. I'm 6'3" so probable the taller. Anyone have some insight?
  15. These two were out later last night. Didn’t hear my phone go ding. Wonder if it had to do with the blonde laying in the foodplot? Hopefully they come by tonight.
  16. Can anyone identify these spoons? Your help is appreciated!
  17. (2) Daiwa Saltist 30lc in good working condition with normal wear and were used 7-8 years. Loaded with 1000’ 7 strand Torpedo wire and mono backer so the spools are properly full. $300/both + $15 for shipping if needed. I’m in the Rochester area.View the full article
  18. Thanks for all of the interest. Prefer to sell as a lot for now. Location near Syracuse.
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