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  2. Well, I didnt get to experiment with the meat rig this morning. I went out at first light from myers. Within 5 mins somehow I managed to wrap my downrigger line around the prop of my kicker. Then when deploying my wire diver, the wire got pinched in between the spool and side of the reel and got stuck. So I trolled with the main motor and 1 downrigger for a while and called it. Not my morning I guess. I didnt even want to try the meat rig. For my luck this morning it would have broke off or something. O well. Time to fix everything and hit it hard again next weekend. Fleas were real bad by taughannock
  3. I don't have a Humminbird unit but I think you described the issue very clearly and it may save some other folks from headaches and it is really to your credit for taking the time to let folks know
  4. Putting this out there to save some frustration for some of us and maybe some cash as well. I blew a board in my 1 year old unit about a month ago. Sent it up to North Bay for warranty repair and afterwards when I asked why this could have happened I was explained by the tech something that`s not even in the manual, which is pretty basic to put it mildly. So the problem stems from having a side imaging transducer which due to it`s shape tends to lose contact with the water at higher speeds. When this happens the unit tries to establish bottom contact. Because factory setting for "MAX DEPTH" is AUTO and if you're like me you leave this setting alone, as the unit tries to reestablish bottom contact it will keep increasing the strength / wattage of each ping thinking that it must be in very deep water, it eventually will ping so hard that it fries a few diodes on some of it's circuit boards. Crazy that there's no limiter of some sort but that's how it is. The remedy can be one of 2 options. One is to add a second, high speed, transducer and a Y-cable connection thus this high speed transducer is always in the water and no loss of bottom contact. Two, this is what I did, is to limit the MAX DEPTH setting on the main page (press MENU twice) to say 300' which is more than enough to cover the portion of Lake O that I fish and by doing this the unit will only send out strong enough signal it would need to get through 300' FOW, never frying itself again. Hope I explained it clearly enough to understand, PM if I can answer any Q's. Cheers
  5. Ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Sold sold sold Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Nice work as always[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. When the fleas are really bad and are suspended throughout the water column even 150 lb rigger wire is not immune to them. A,lot of time they seem to be "patchy" in the water column and i think that is why some folks have better luck avoiding than others in spots in the lakes. When they are reaally bad even the riggers get clogged especially with the fishhook type fleas which seem harder to remove from anything no matter what the diameter.
  9. Are you guys using 40lb? Made the switch and seemed to help where I fished.
  10. Today
  11. thats funy we spent the day in 150-180 and lost track of hits had a case of the dropseys for a while but still ended up double digits for kings and steel. early all our fish were up in the top 50 feet with the 7 color being the stud. our deep divers didnt fire till after 9 but than from there every rod was going. my arms are still tired. every lure out had fish we never even made a change. biggest of the day was 23.5
  12. Great catch guys! We had similar success but in 180-200 fow. Riggers fireing at 30- 40 feet down. Awsome morning on the big O! Sent from my XT1710-02 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. As the water temperature goes up they seem to rapidly multiply and we have had some very high ambient temps lately.
  14. Original Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I was picking up fleas while jigging... no joke. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. HB2

    Saranac lake Islands

    Kind of disappointed it's rough birch have a ton of stuff to do today and if I were out there , it wouldn't get done . That is St Regis .
  17. Which summit is that? Ampersand? We love that walk. Or is that Baker Mountain? I need my coffee... We will be on Upper Saranac for a week in September, too, and we'll have our 1 1/2 year old lab with us then. He is a warrior. I can't wait to see him tackle some trails. Deer flies I can deal with. Black flies and mosquitoes are what get me. I'm glad I slept in today (until 5:30, anyway). It looks like the lake is kicking. Tommy, Jeff, and I got out yesterday and did okay, but not as well as Tommy, his daughter Mallory, and I did on Friday. The first two hours were insane. The temperatures off Sandy have come up, and there were lots of fish busting bait on the surface yesterday morning.
  18. HB2

    Saranac lake Islands

    Thank God we brought a screen tent All up and down the Mt . I had deer flies buzzing my head and biting me occasionally . But the view from the summit was worth it
  19. White or some variation of white is my best all around color . First light best but all day after that . Maybe because I have the most confidence with it but I put other color flasher I have down and the white outperforms them . And I use glow all day with good results. The other colors catch fish also , but white seems,the best . Just got a UV white to try .
  20. You were very nice. Long lines have no place in traffic. If they lose a few rigs they will get the picture Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. This weekend the fleas have hit disaster proportions on Cayuga....on rigger lines mono lines wire dipsy lines in proportions I have not seen before....struggle to even fish... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  22. had 2 charter boats set up on either side of me a few days ago and both set 500 copper. they then began to squeeze me and pin me in until I eventually hooked into one of their coppers with my downrigger. I came to a complete stop and pulled up everything just to let them pass. Luckily I was able to unhook the copper and send it back to its owner. Move left air horn -move right air horn. Finally I just went to surrender. I try to give the charters plenty of room because that is their livelihood. Hope everyone has a great season!
  23. It’s a good rule. You didn’t happen to lose a pink tube did you? Found one floating and took it to the launch but no one claimed it lol
  24. All top of line gear, many are new unused...too much to photograph. Terms are cash only with local pickup; leave PM to schedule an appointment. Located in Cheektowaga NY. First come first served, no hold overs. Item Price/ Unit Units Qty Available Trolling Rods, Okuma White Diamond Downrigger/Board 8'6" $50 each 6 Leadore/Copper 8'6" $55 each 4 Dipsy 10' $55 each 2 Dipsy 8'6" $55 each 2 Trolling Rods, Shimano, Talora Dipsy 10'6" $60 each 2 Trolling Rods, Ugly Stick GX2 7' $30 each 6 Spooled Linecounter Reels; calibrated @ 100ft Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 20 / 30lb Braid $110 each 6 Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 30 / 30lb Braid $110 each 2 Cabela's Depthmaster Metal 30 / 30lb Wire $110 each 2 Okuma 453D/ Copper (100, 200 feet) $110 each 2 Okuma 453D/ lead core (5, 7 colors) $110 each 2 In-Line Boards upgraded clips tattle flags Church Walleye $90 pair 3 Church Walleye, SAMS Releases $90 pair 1 Church Cone $10 each 1 Big Board Components Traxstech Mast(extends to 7'4, alum reels) $400 each 1 Amish Clipper Releases (50pc) $50 bag 1 Amish Spectra, Line, 300ft $25 each 2 Boat Gear Boat Hooks, small $45 each 1 Boat Hooks, large $65 each 1 Dock Fenders, large $45 each 3 Dock Fenders, medium $30 each 4 Dock Lines, 15ft $20 each 4 Dock Lines, 25ft $25 each 4 Line Snubbers, Dock Lines, 3/8" $30 each 2 Shockle Line Snubber $50 each 1 Weights - Downrigger Shark, black, 12lbs $75 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 12lbs $50 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 10lbs $45 each 2 Ball, black, coated, 8lbs $30 each 2 Pancake, black, 13lb $95 each 2 Release - Downrigger Release Scotty $15 pair 1 Release Chamberlin $50 pair 1 In-line Trolling Weights, Tadpole OR361 $5 each 3 Weights, Tadpole OR362 $5 each 3 Weights, Tadpole OR363 $10 each 3 Weights, torpedo, Shark $14 each 2 Weights, Clip-on, 3-6 oz $3 each 18 Weights, Clip-on, 1-1/2 - 2.0 oz $2 each 26 Weights, Clip-on, 1oz and under $1 each 21 Weight, Wack 'em Double Down 20z inline $6 each 3 Torpedo Wire Droppers $3 each 1 Offshore Clips OR-16 $10 pair 4 Amish Outfitter Clips $6 pair 6 Stick Baits (Shallow/Deep, stock/custom colors) Bagley Rumble B $6 each 3 Bandit $6 each 10 Bay Rat $8 each 12 Bomber $5 each 30 Live Target Smelt $10 each 6 Rapala Floating Minnow $5 each 26 Rapala Floating Minnow, Jointed $6 each 3 Rapala Husky Deep $5 each 8 Rapala Husky Jerk $4 each 28 Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer $7 each 8 Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow $8 each 4 Rapala Tail Dancer $8 each 34 Reef Runner 600 $7 each 12 Reef Runner 700 $7 each 3 Reef Runner 800 $7 each 5 Renowski $5 each 20 Rippl 'n Redfin $5 each 6 Smithwick Perfect 10 $9 each 6 Smithwick Roque $5 each 12 Storm Deep Thunder Stick $5 each 10 Storm Hot 'n Tot $4 each 8 Yozuri Crystal Minnow $8 each 12 Worm Harnesses Harnesses $4 each 78 Worm Burners $5 each 6 Lures - Components Harness Blades (willow, colorado) $2 each 66 Pre-tied Fluro leaders w/ BB Swiel Clasp $2 each 14 Trolling Spoons (Top brands/colors) Walleye $4 each 63 Salmon/Trout $5 each 75 Tackle Storage Tube Box w/ tubes $25 each 1 Plano boxes $5 each 6 Cabelas Tackle Bags, small $68 each 1 Cabelas Tackle Bags, large $90 each 1 Harness Box $15 each 1 Harness Blade Box $25 each 1 Spoon Box $25 each 1 Tube Box $25 each 1 Electronics Fish Hawk -X4D Display $300 each 1 Probe $225 each 1 Underwater Video Waterwolf $100 each 1 VHF Auxiliary Hand set SIMRAD HS-35 $149 each 1 Dipsy Divers Size-1, Stock $8 each 6 Magnum, Stock $10 each 2 Size-1, Custom $10 each 4 Magnum, custom $12 each 2 Jet Divers (Walker, Tripz) Forties $8 each 4 Thirties $8 each 4 Twenties $7 each 7 Safety Gear Ditch Bag $35 each 1 Electronic flare $60 each 1 Flares (3 pak) $20 each 1 Life Vests (pak of four type IV) $30 each 1 Fire Extinguishers $55 pair 1 Landing Nets Ranger Tournament Walleye - w/ Float $85 each 2 Ranger, Salmon $45 each 1 Trolling Bags (Pair) Amish Outfitters 42" $140 pair 1 Big Papa 36" $95 pair 1
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