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  2. Record levels.... Just about everywhere.
  3. Good luck all Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Have not been out since bow season. Me and Mr. Itchy will be back at it for an all-day sit tomorrow.
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  6. So you and Kyle can bump uglys ? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I'm not sure what I'm even arguing here. 66 and 67? Not even close to previous records. The all time record high for 3 out of 5 great lakes is 2019 and most of them set all time monthly highs throughout the year as well. The data is available and clear and many many articles have been published on that data. I've posted the graphs you referred to as reference. 2019 smashed all time records. Instead of comparing 2018 to current lake levels let's compare the long term average... superior +14, michigan/huron +37, st. Clair +30, erie +36 and ontario is at +18. Every one of these lakes dealt with the same problems we did all summer long, somebody them higher water levels, greater populated areas, bigger cities, more damage and for a longer period of time. You know who they have to blame, mother nature. The ships you keep referring to are running from the ocean to Montreal. You think they are holding water back now to make sure they can make it to Montreal? I just dont understand the current thought process. I understand plan 2014 will in fact let out more water and allow our winter levels to go lower in order to keep that portion high enough for those ships when needed but none of that comes into play with the conditions the past 3 years. Those ships are from Port of Montreal to the ocean only. Theyd never make it through the seaway any further. I keep presenting factual data with references to back it up and you keep telling me it's wrong without any facts. It's a very confusing argument.
  8. I did my 26 footer 2 years ago, no its not glued only fasteners. You will need to cut the corners of the transom, as on the top its welded. Its not a big deal it can be re welded or riveted back together. When its all off spend some serous time cleaning the transom skin on the inside. I found many corrosion pin holes, I welded or replaced skin where needed. I also coated the inside of my skin with the epoxy that's for tinny boats cant think of the name but its for filling holes and creating a no corrosion surface. I have had marine plywood coated with epoxy rot to hell in 10 years, I would not have though it so but it did and it wasn't in bad conditions either. It shocked me but it did. I replace my tansom with an all aluminum 2 X 2 tube and 1/4 inch plate. It works flawless and I had a bunch of Nancy's tell me the world was going to stop spinning if I did. Flexing can be an issue of concern and dont dismiss it, when your done and you take it out to sea test it (I know you will of course, will very carefully) run a few strings across the back on the outside, you can duct tape them and watch them as you accelerate to make sure your not getting excessive flexing. You have to have a way to check and make sure the transom isn't moving much. If you have a lot of flexing back to the drawing board. That's why I went the way I did.
  9. Wanted. 2 man Otter Ice fishing hut in very good shape. Preferably with runners and cover. Buffalo area Sent from my SM-J260A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. This was my 82 yr old dads favorite for like in canada
  11. - The water level is very high - YES! - Is it the highest ever in the upper Great lakes - NO! (Look at the Army Corps historical graphs, particularly 1966 & 1967) - Did Lake Ontario handle that high water period - YES! (Look at the above graphs) - Could the water level controllers that had been acting under P-2014 for 3 months have handled the high water of 2017 - Well, they did get the water down quite a bit thru 2018. - Could the water level controllers that had been acting under P-2014 for 24 months have handled the high water that had been forecasted by the Canadian Gov't, NOAA & the Army Corps of 2019 - YES, they could have handled it much better by opening up the system earlier i.e. in March rather than May which would have allowed more room for inflow. - Where are the lakes now - Over Dec 2018 avg: Sup: +3. Mich/Huron: +16. Erie: +3. Ontario: +11 (Look at your own chart so it's still quite high) - Did the treaty with Canada at the turn of the 20th century charter the IJC for shipping concerns on the St Lawrence River & Great Lakes: YES! (Read the treaty) - What are the priorities of the current water level controllers - 1st shipping, 3rd environment, 4th landowners & recreationalist. - Were homeowners & recreationist been hurt in last 3 years - YES (no need to elaborate on this) - Has the environment been helped in last 3 years - Erosion has been high, sewage leaks, & other pollutants have increased, invasives have thrived, preyfish populations in the open lake continue to decline, stocking plans have been cut, no evidence of healthier embayments has been brought forward other than anecdotal "dock talk." (kind of like that more rain is better for your lawn argument), the water temperature regime in the main lake has been altered as warmer water now goes out farther and deeper. - Has shipping been helped - YES, the port of Montreal is booming as more ships of bigger size have been coming in. - Can the bigger ships come in - YES, your posted specifications for water depth are obviously minimums (although source is unsubstantiated) as the current conditions in Montreal are: so obviously levels towards the main lake are higher than the unsubstantiated specifications. - Were all those alleged dams built in the last 3 years - NO - Do we have to regulate the level of the water - Heck yes! That's what we were doing. i.e keeping Ontario to a 3-4 ft range since the 50's regardless of what the other lakes were doing. So okay, I'll take my "Tin hat" off, why don't you get off your lead what-not.and present some real data that may help rather than try to rationalize a horrible situation. Tom B. (LongLine) .
  12. It is only bolted on if it is the original one. When you remove the old engine, it will give you a chance to check the wood that is inside the lengthwise aluminum stringers. It will help you very much if you first remove the engine in addition to the gear box. In addition , I very much suggest that you use a cherry picker with chain or straps going to the far port and starboard ends of the transom with big eye bolts screwed in the top of the transom. That way, you can keep the pulling pressure up while nudging the edges up and out
  13. Thanks ... Your comment on the " amount of powder that is stuck in the tube" is what I was looking for!!!
  14. Yesterday
  15. December 12 pm 26 degrees SE wind 5 mph Cloudy skies Sat on the end of the tunnel leading to butternut squash and cut soy beans. No a whole lot of action though. One young buck would be it. Action seems very nocturnal on this property. Time to go elsewhere. Sent from my moto z4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Our group has shot 2 bucks in the 115 to maybe 120 range last week end and a young 6pt as well that were all hit by slugs or a car. Poor bastards suffering. I am glad we got to put them out of there misery, Meat was worthless. We also found 3 racks of earlier bow kills that were respective as well. I am sure i will see more as usual bunny hunting.
  17. 78grains of IMR 4198, 275gr Pittman Accumax bullet, 3000fps... no sabot
  18. Just curious, what load are you using? I shoot a savage smokeless 3/9 leupold with a 275gr solid copper with a 45 cal sabot 42 gr of accurate 5744 powder winchester primer. 278yds is awesome for a shot good job.
  19. updated. 2 rod holders and cannon rigger left. Shoot me some offers.
  20. That sucks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. I just had the orange army come thru one of my spots. Really pissed. Seen deer going out over the road to next farm. They were shooting ,and to me it seemed like running deer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J327A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. I hate deer drives so much. There is just no good reason for them and I think it screws up a property badly.
  23. You can see here where we are today compared to the other great lakes. Lake ontario has actually faired better than the rest since July thanks to the water that was let go over the long sault all summer. Everyone needs to remember that theres nothing natural about the "drainage" that occurs as water leaves lake ontario through the st. Lawrence anymore. We created multiple reservoirs out of the river when we dammed it up and dregged massive areas that were once shallow rapids allowing more water to flow through those areas if left unchecked. Theres nothing "natural" about just letting the water go now. We have to regulate it to keep tolerable levels both above and below the dams.
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