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  2. Nice one! The wind really put on a show yesterday afternoon.
  3. Went out Saturday for a couple hours before the winds started ripping. Went 1 for 2 and got this guy. Coming back up Thursday.
  4. I agree. Why is that? I couldn’t get a king in the boat early last couple years. It’s great
  5. I can see someone running out of fuel due to a faulty gas gauge. My gas gauge is pretty sketchy. It tells me weather Im full or not full. In between that it kinda works if I slosh fuel around but i do not trust it at all. While I agree you shouldnt be out on the lake not knowing your fuel level, its a mistake many smart people have made. (for the record I have not) =0)
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  7. I just purchased the Garmin reactor 40 Kicker auto pilot. I did read some reviews and did research before pulling the trigger on this expensive upgrade. Some other things that I came across is the concern with the actuator arm becoming unthreaded. This seems like it’s mitigated by red loctite. Also, when mounting the CCU and ECU (should you choose to tackle this job on your own) it’s a good idea to install vibration dampeners. They are simply rubber grommets that will go between the ECU / CCU and the area of the boat you plan on mounting it to. The NMEA 2000 network that you will build when installing also has a few things you should be aware of. If you are buying just the reactor 40 unit and will be using your Garmin unit to interface you will need to purchase a NMEA T connector as well as a drop cable (I purchased off of amazon). If you purchase the package that comes with either the GHC 20 or the GHC 50 display Garmin will include the necessary cable and T connector to interface. With all the above being said, I have not even received the unit yet. It will be here today at some point. I will be installing it on a 2022 Mercury 9.9 pro kicker. I hope that it wont be to tall of a task lol. I usually do all of my own work unless it’s out of my wheelhouse mechanically, technically and of course with respect to the tools I have on hand. Mike
  8. Agree with what your concerns as a fellow taxpayer and anyone retired and on fixed income it is doubly a concern. I disagree with your view that wages have not gone up. Since COVID, there has been an uptick in wages. With the unemployment rate at historically low numbers, workers have more negotiating power on the open market where salary is concerned. The problem for government employees is that it is not an open market. Everything has to flow through unions and a budget process. A government employee does not have autonomy to shop around for the best offer. As such, government employees make less money than private sector. What keeps people in government positions is trading higher income for guaranteed benefits. Without those benefits, why work for less? There is a crisis with people entering law enforcement. There are only about 200 ECO’s statewide when there is supposed to be 332. As a group, ECO’s are underpaid, underfunded, and morale is extremely low for the way they are being treated.
  9. Being a self employed person all my life , I have made my own retirement . If the economy of the country goes south , it greatly affects my retirement situation . It seems that state or government employees have it better benefit / retirement wise as than most everyone else .Set for life . The retirement / benefit based on the last 3 years of employment seems a bit much ( for lack of a better word )to me . Teachers with seniority take on coaching or other position or other employees nearing retirement work the overtime that is saved for them by others so when it's their turn they can do the same to up their dollars so they can get more in retirement . Politicians court the union vote and give them these great benefits to get their endorsement . Basically buying their vote with taxpayers money . Like paying off school debt . When the economy gets bad , taxpayers still have to fund these guaranteed benefits . The population is living longer and the better health care we get has gone through the roof . And a huge portion of the population is retiring at the same time . So taxpayers are paying way more for many years longer and it's only going to get worse. Social security is broke and these pension funds are grossly underfunded . Wages are down . I can't see taxing our way out of it . Especially when we are sending gazillions of dollars all over the world. Every person that moves out of the state , and a lot are ,leaves the rest of us who stay footing the bill . There sure looks like there is a financial train wreck coming .
  10. NYS has for years been decreasing retirement benefits and health care benefits across the board for state employees. And contract negotiations are often prolonged. Our union does not have a pension system but a 401K plan. Out health care plan costs have increased dramatically, especially for family plans. Costs are going up, we all hate our NY taxes, I understand the state trying to control expenses. But fair is fair, the DEC should have the same pension benefits as other police agency unions.
  11. I have been a member of BostUS and all my boats are insured by BoatUS via GIECO since I bought my first boat 45 years ago and I now own 3 boats. I get the unlimited towing from BoatUS Tow. I consider myself a fairly good sailer/boater and marine mechanic and would not go boating without the tow insurance. I had to use it once when I filled up at a marina that had water contaminated gas. We were 8 miles from the dock in my 1995 21’ SeaRay when the engine fouled out. I had 2 non-nautical guests on board…fortunately the weather was good and TowBoatUS was responsive and a great service. They had four other toes that same day…all of us had filled up at the same marina😫😫😫. I would be without it.
  12. Why does somebody always have to go there? Sigh. I was talking to a young recruit this morning who seemed to know a bit about the subject, and my impression was that the 25 year retirement pension in effect now, as has been true for years, has retirement income pegged to the final three years of service, so there's good incentive to stay on.. Nevertheless, Gov. Hochul has continuously opposed a reduction to 20 years, which would make ecos equitable with other law enforcement, and the optics of this aren't great. It sounds like the cost to the state would be minimal, if 8 million dollars is minimal lol. But in the words of the person I was talking to, "I'm in at 22, out at 47, and I'm doing what I love". You have to respect that.
  13. You still had fuel. Thats not running out. Thats a mechanical failure.
  14. If you google the PBA of New York State there are all kinds of articles on the 20 year retirement for the PBA’s members. In the past the retirement proposal has passed both the House and the Senate unanimously then goes to her desk and she vetos it saying it needs to be negotiated in the budget (which violates the Taylor Law). This year it ends up in the House and Senate’s budget proposal but not hers and unfortunately doesn’t make the final budget cut. Not to make political but in my eyes she is not a supporter of Law enforcement. She denies 20 retirement for a union with about 1200 members but finds all kinds of money for a new Bills stadium, housing for illegals, swimming pools across the state….ect….ect….
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ran low in starboard tank that showed 3/4 full. Port was almost full. So 150 gallons of gas total and I "ran out". Had both tanks open and it was drawing from starboard tank only. Ended up drawing air from starboard tank and couldn't get engine primed on port tank. Ended up starboard sending unit was way off.
  17. I have had the TR-1 for 4 years now and other then the remote I have now had any issues. As many of you know Garmin no longer supports the TR-1 so the new option seems to be the Reactor 40. Do any of you have this unit and if so how do you like it? I know a guy that has had both and likes the Reactor but he has broke a piece that steers the motor 2-3 times in a year. I believe he said the part was made out of nylon and he ended up machining one out of brass. Any of you had this issue?
  18. Need help with choosing the best 2d transducer for my application! I mainly troll Lake Erie in depths from 20’-120’, occasionally Ontario too but mainly fish with buddies up there. looking for clear picture while trolling and good searching ability while up on plane. These will be hooked into 2 garmin uhd 93sv’s at my dashboard(networked together). So I’m looking at the following options: - Garmin GT15M-IH(600w, 85-165kHz chirp, in hull) - Airmar B117(600w, 50/200kHz traditional, thru hull) - Garmin GT12M-THF(350w, 85-165kHz chirp, thru hull) - Airmar B150M(300w, 95-155kHz chirp, thru hull) Right now I’m thinking my best setup would be the Airmar b117 ran to one unit(widest cone for finding fish), and a gt15m-ih to the other(with y cable and gt30 on that same unit). I’m willing to sacrifice the side and down imaging if one of the other chirp transducers would be a better option than the gt15. Would also consider an Airmar b75m but that would use up a lot of the budget.
  19. We offer on www.lakeontariounited.com
  20. Thank you all for the info and comments much appreciated
  21. I am restoring my Starcraft Islander and I am almost done. I also want to install the Penn Electric downriggers that were on there originally. I have 4 good working 800s. What I need are two sets of power cables. 2 from rigger to boat and the 2 female ones that go to the power source. If you have any of those and are willing to part with them. Let me know. Thank you.
  22. I am restoring my Starcraft Islander and I am almost done. I also want to install the Penn Electric downriggers that were on there originally. I have 4 good working 800s. What I need are two sets of power cables. 2 from rigger to boat and the 2 female ones that go to the power source. If you have any of those and are willing to part with them. Let me know. Thank you.
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