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  2. Pretty sweet Mike, you’d look good in it 😁
  3. Couldn't have been a banana. Must have been a plantain!
  4. Some guys tell me they use a black light to charge their glow flashers, flies, spoons etc. Before they put them down and some tell me its not really necessary. I'm confused. What are your thoughts on charging your glow baits and Why? Thanks in advance for any comments!
  5. Is the boat at the bottom of the lake or did they get it out somehow?
  6. Yesterday
  7. What a great spring!
  8. Packed my lunch and put in a banana to test the myth. We fished for browns early and caught 3 and a couple bonus whitefish in 10-25 fow off boards and 2 color leadcores. Things got slow and I was thinking of chucking the banana. We made a move to deeper water and set some snap weights and riggers. Around 11:30 a snap weight took a rip and we soon had our first king of the year. Shortly after the rigger fired and it was another king on the cheater. Missed another good one after having on for quite a while and missed a few other hits and caught another brown and a small king.. By 2:00 the bite slowed and although we trolled another hour had no more hits. We ended up with a nice mix on a beautiful day and saw very few boats out. Best of all I even got to eat the banana!
  9. That’s great! The ripping drag I’m assuming was the Brown and the Bowfin lol! Great trip, great pics!
  10. Oneida

    for sale : usa 2002 Aquasport 225 Explorer.

    Out of storage and back on the market
  11. I know, I know....... I said my last trip was the final for the season, but for the few of us that chase the night bite for walleye, you know that the sight of a bent rod with a glow tip and a ripping drag is one addiction that is hard to suppress. With that said, I found myself out and about again lastnight. Water warmed up to low 60's in tight and bait is showing up.......started the evening with a few browns, bass, and a bowfin......that was a first for me......wind picked up as evening went on and the bite exploded with a mixed bag of browns and eyes. Amazing with bait present that the bite was so aggressive. Speed ranged between .08-1.5 again with wind adjusting the shore currents. Blk/silver was the star of show again as fish were spitting up alewife in the live well. Had to use the trolling motor to keep the bow tight to shore as the south wind was pushing me out. East wind should cool water a bit and extend it I hope, till the tight lines, and be safe.
  12. Last call for BFF I'll take $ until 5am tomorrow! Looks like only 7 entries so far. Sent from my SM-N975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. We worked Hughes to Pultneyville in 70-140 fow in a chippy SE wind 7am to 9:30. Took one smallish king on a lg. dipsey out 100 on a 2 setting. NK 28 black/silver/purple. Had one other fish on the rigger down 65 over 80 fow. Firetiger pirate 40 ft back. Long range release on that one. Surface temp 53, 48 down 60. Marked no bait or fish. Catch a big one!
  14. Arrived today,thanks.cant wait to get out and give them a try
  15. jlogger

    for sale : usa 2018 Crestliner Kodiak 1800

    ttt one last time
  16. And if you have electrical capabilities you can take it one step farther (provided it’s out of warranty) use a meter to check if you have 12v coming from board to motor. It will tell you if board is fried or not.
  17. Jim and Karen at the Boat Doctor are open and stocked up with the latest tackle!!! Always support your local tackle shops!!!
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