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  1. Fishinman, I yelled for you about half a dozen times Friday morning on ch. 8 & 16. .....thought maybe you slept in ....... 3 for 4, all steelhead up high. MY "newbee's" first fish was 8.5 lb. screamer off the boards...... he was checking out the used boats at the marina when we got back.. :roll: :roll: .... NO DREDGING AT BRADDOCKS THIS YEAR!!!!!...... THE CHANNEL THEY OPENED LAST YEAR HAS FILLED BACK IN !! Take your chances... less than 2ft. under my 17 footer ...... looks like the Genny for the rest of the year.
  2. Tom, I'll be out of Braddocks Friday AM. If you're out, give a yell on ch 8. J.D.
  3. I have one, almost new 13lb. Tru Trac pancake weight for sale. Black rubber coated. Come and get it....... $20 PM me............... Jim S.
  4. mine is still working like new.....................
  5. J.D.

    Boat top

    Nice looking rig, Tom....
  6. J.D.


    I agree. 30lb. test Trilene Big Game on all reels, 12lb. flouro. leaders in the spring, then switch to 20lb. for riggers later on in the season.
  7. Woody, My planner boards are home made. ...$10 material cost per board. My first mast was a length of old closet rod with an eyebolt at the top and 2 old coat hanger hooks .... I wrapped the line around the hooks by hand :roll: . It doesen't have to cost a lot or be fancy, it just has to work. A bag of JOLLY realeases is about $12. The guy who makes the releases has an Ontario, N.Y. address. try this number: 524-2626. ( 713 Boston Rd. ) This can be an expensive sport only if you let it. I've been working out of the same boat for 11 years now and keep adding / upgrading toys and equipment a little each year. Sometimes we have to "eat the elephant" one bite at a time. It looks like we have a bit in common, I used to have a home in Walworth, and I'm a mold maker. I can PM you some pics and dimensions of my boards if you like. Let me Know. Jim S.
  8. The information posted below was written by Capt. Steve Drave of KING ME Sportfishing a few years back and was lost from this sites archives when the site was hacked a few months ago. I am re-posting Steve's article for the Newbies who would like some insight into Lake Ontario brown trout fishing Jim S. Lake Ontario Brown Trout Fishing: Well the time is growing shorter till spring arrives. Soon we all will have our boats shoveled out and in the water. Time for spring Browns. You send out your planer boards and start to set lines. 3 rods set off the starboard planer and you start to send out the second rod off the port board. “Fish On!â€Â
  9. I second the Furuno FCV620...Got my first trip of the season Friday with this unit and was more than pleased..... a ton of features and easy to use. The Furuno website has a nice tutorial on this unit .
  10. Spun the hub on a 19p merc prop Friday going through the debris field off the Genny. Any ideas as to where I might get it re-hubbed??
  11. Made a set of boards in 1990. ...still going strong. Best $20 I ever spent for fishing gear.. Best advise I can give to someone making wood boards, before assembly, coat the boards with boiled lindseed oil. 3 coats, drying well between coats. They will never absorb water. Mine are made from #2 common pine .
  12. Hodges Marine Electronics is selling new Uniden Solara DSC radios for $90 no sales tax. Check their website. I just picked up a new Furuno FCV-620 sonar from them. Great customer service ! ( they will even buy your old electronics) http://www.hodgesmarine.com/VHF-SSB-Marine-Radios-s/5.htm
  13. I think they are sold...... I'm waiting for the cash to arrive. If not, you'll be the first to know.........
  14. What color is on the cup side ?
  15. Garmin Fishfinder 240 Blue, dual frequency 200/50 kHz. with surface speed and temp. 500 watts RMS, 4000 watts peak to peak, 1500 ft. depth. This unit is 3 seasons old and has been removed from the boat and stored inside during the winter months. Excellent condition, cables, front cover and owners manual included. I have a copy of the manual in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) I can e-mail for you to check out. $100. Firm, you pick up or pay shipping. Jim Stephany [email protected]
  16. I use the same hook setup as Skiener..... can't remember the last time I lost a fish. Tie your own rigs...... here's a "how to" link http://www.fishingkites.co.nz/fishingknots/snell_fishing_knots.html
  17. Try this http://mypeoplepc.com/members/johnandmichellekruse/pacificnorthwestoutdoors/id9.html
  18. BlueEye, how do I add my own picture when I post on a thread ? ( something like Erby Joe has ) Thanx, Jim
  19. BlueEye,.. Just watched the tribute. Thanks..............Jim
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