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    still not real bad ken, agree, be a while yet, when the hands get numb and the line freezes, thanks
  2. kappy


    Seen a lot of boats by the parkway bridge, anyone getting into the perch in the bay at all, may head out this weekend, I have been at longpond last couple weekends, did get into a few good fish, not enough for a dinner, no numbers to speak of. have not had a perch fry since last winter, may even try around the piers too. thanks for any info. good luck out there to all you perchers..
  3. Brian this just listed in the classified section here not a bad deal sounds like http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=27723 Rick
  4. about as far as you can go, is too seth green island , just past the memorial bridge, gets shallow and fast current.. flowing good now also. I would say running pretty high after this rain, and muddy.. watch out for debris..
  5. what is the total weight with trailer thanks
  6. you can have 3 rods out, passed a week or 2 ago, that is 3 rods per person on land or in a boat..
  7. kappy

    Rock Bass

    DF forgot charlotte pier, do not know if it is open yet,, doing some repairs out there. still early, about 3/4 of the way out u will see rocks sticking out of the water, lake side, lots of rockies there.. not too big, alway get them on plastics.. Give that a shot,, they r there all summer
  8. kappy

    Rock Bass

    you want big and a lot of rockies go to sodus they are plentyful and huge, good luck out there
  9. wow only 1 footers with all this wind today, u had to ne the only one out, good for u nice job.....
  10. what is swimming there in the 2nd picture,,,, Seals? ha I can't make it out good story though.
  11. WTG nice fish for sure,, A suggestion for you, I notice your trolling speed looks a little fast, try to get down to 2 if you could, this time of year I think slower is better, no expert here,, just a little tip, seeing I am boatless this year going to give the piers a shot, see what happens.. good luck out there, your hooked
  12. The piers at the genny are really good at the right times, get there early in the Am, and throw out, some smithwicks, or cleos, mepp spinners work well too. both piers can be good, summerville is a a little better I think ,easier too net them also, the charlotte side u need a real long handled net, the piers get really hot in the spring, I have done very well early in the year like now, lots of coho's come in with the water being cold now, browns usually a little later, when it warms up a bit,, I will be down there soon, anymore questions send me a PM... gonna heat up soon, good luck, and expieriment with different lures and bait, egg sacks work also.. Rick
  13. SHARK HUNTER I see the boat is holding up.. that was my old boat think I sold it to you about 5 years ago.. how is that 70 horse running for yah... the canvas has to be shot by now right? miss the ole boat for sure.. glad you are getting into some fish.. Rick
  14. How much does it weigh? and would like to come and see it... PM me with further information thanks Rick
  15. thanks Jim can't wait to try them out, they look sweet and good craftsmanship, the wife and kids were very nice, and the dog was friendly, I brought him home for the wife. my cat might eat him though Lol . will be around the ponds this weekend.. let you know how I made out... the way my year has been going... I have a feeling these lucky tip downs may do the trick... thanks again maybe see you out on the ice... Rick
  16. if you get what you want, good for you, just sayin you can get them new for that price. and you may want to lower if you want to sell it.. good luck.
  17. you can get these new for 359 or a little higher right here..... http://redrockstore.com/Catalog/index.php?crn=134&rn=2874&action=show_detail
  18. thanks bloodshot, I don't want to get my face torn off.. lol, I get them in the spring opening day, in the lake, they are just bad tasting, I don't even keep them anymore, DH the bay was good ice on friday who knows how it is after yesterday, I am sure it is going to be muddy no doubt.
  19. wow u gots balls lol, nice that u did get a few, did you keep the eye? just wondering what they taste like out of there, I catch quite a few in this area, tried them a couple times. do not taste good at all... strong lake and fish taste, think it is from all the alewives they eat.. have seen a few come through the ice at long pond.. never got one out of there.. good job, pike kinda surprising
  20. very detailed bloodshot thanks for taking the time.. to help some one new to the sport out
  21. wow sean never heard of any coming out of Iron bay. lived on the bay for lots of years, guess anything is posible, no doubt it is a very rare.. good for you
  22. In the Rochester area, you are not going to get white fish... lake trout at some of the finger lakes deep... perch, pretty much anywhere, where have you caught whitefish Sean? Perch are not that easy to catch, maybe small ones.. gotta be on the right lake at the right time, that is for sure... you know what they say should have been here yesterday.. What kind of Equipment do you have... I would say if you are just starting out, maybe go out with someone, and see if you like it.. it is hard work... for us old guys anyway.. good luck..
  23. sorry to here about your father, hope it goes well for him.. I did see your number in the classified ad, I bellive thanks
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