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  1. Mike, Sorry I didn't mean to omit anyone currently involved, could only remember seeing the other group listed on entry form. Still believe with all the interest in this event that members of the active groups could get together to manage the event. Bob
  2. The folks who have run it all these years had a great formula. Sounds like it's time for a new group to pick up the torch and continue. Maybe spread the responsibilities and advertising to include both ends of the lake more evenly and modifying the name calling it Seneca Lake Trout Derby. Geneva's government doesn't seem to be helpful in recent years so maybe moving headquarters to Watkins or Sampson makes sense. I believe to be successful it will need to be organized by a few but some of us will need to get involved with the actual event. I believe Barge Canal Bassmasters have supported it in the past and maybe some of the existing groups of Seneca Lake trollers need to step up. Just my thoughts. Bob
  3. Had to make sure everything still worked on the old boat before selling to the new owner so I went out of Sodus solo Sunday from 10AM till just after 1PM, with the weather being what it was I decided to run two Seth Greens, a planer board and two coppers, started in 400' and worked my way out to 600', constant action, 5 kings to 40#, 12 steelies over 10# and lost some screamers. Boy I wished somebody would of gone with me. At least the boat worked well, sure am glad I brought the windsocks to get my speed up. Odd there weren't more guys out there. Hope I can hold a candle to some of the other BS'ers Enjoy
  4. My son and his buddy came up from PA so we tried the big pond today. Launched around 7AM and headed for Maxwell. The water had a little stain to it so we ran through several times, only had one hit - a bass which got off as fast as it hit. The fog came in for a while and we just tried to run in the 10' range with no takers. As the fog lifted we headed out to 60' - 80' and put down some flashers, dipsy's and leadcore. We marked very little but the lakers liked spoons on the 10 color cores and behind big dipsys 80' - 90' out on #3. No monsters but they got to reel in some fish.
  5. Son came home and we will probably be out there as well. Good luck to all!
  6. I wonder if the cute bait girl may have caused some preoccupation of a perch fisherman's mind while driving?
  7. Long ago my alpha 1 got milky, ended up being flange at top of outdrive where input shaft (from engine) comes in, found rust had eroded metal under seal - new flange and seal and all was well for 15 years. Others are correct that there are several points it can come in through.
  8. Jeez, I wonder what this is all about? Sounds, no thats not quite right, SMELLS awfully fishy to me.
  9. 3.7L Mercruisers have some issues and quirks, agree with fisherdude, look for dependability and reasonably priced to repair power plants
  10. Check out Accustrand on Ebay, guy from California has it at a good price. I've bought his 30#, am about to try 135# for riggers. Good luck
  11. Bullet proof, used same pair since 1984. Simple and they work
  12. I've had a pair of Clarion 553's with 10 colors for 3 seasons and like them a lot, larger body and easy to handle.
  13. Heck lots of times we are on my boat with my bait and its still worth more than $2.79 an hour to be entertained by you, especially when the fish aren't biting and I get to see all the tackle you bring along!! :rofl:
  14. I converted my 1984 3.0L Merc in 1992, still runs today and I haven't had to make an ignition adjustment since. If I remember my distributor bushings where a little loose then which makes point gap or dwell wander while the electronic pickup could care less.
  15. Frogger, Those pictures brought back memories (nightmares) of the start of my Penn Yan project . I'll second or third using the Hulltruth - some of the ocean guys really torture their boats and have tested their repairs under much worse conditions then our boats will ever see.
  16. Why don't our elected officials (our beloved Cuomo) ever consult with the people they have working for them (DEC) before they create a new law that is too little too late, nearly impossible to enforce and vague enough to be open to multiple interpretations...Sounds like another SAFE act. More grandstanding at it's worst. Bob
  17. Look the boat over closely, tap on stringers and transom with a small hammer, pray you don't hear dull hollow thuds. Ended up replacing transom and repairing three stringers in my 18'. Had so much fun repairing that one I bought a 21' last year which had a little rot on one battery tray and water had discolored the divider / stiffener between engine compartment and fuel tank. I replaced that piece, ground the decay from the battery tray and reinforced it with cloth and West systems epoxy. On the two I worked on Penn Yan embeds a piece of wood in the floor on engine side of divider (to mount bilge pump to) which acts as a dam holding water ahead of it and poor sealing of the bottom of the divider allows water to wick into the wood. I spent extra time making sure I got all the drain passages sealed up. If you are patient and a little handy you can do it yourself. Bob
  18. Absolutely stunning photos, feel fortunate that I live a distance from her and have never been caught in one of her storms. Thanks
  19. It's over, I never had such a slow season, heat, intense dairy farming practices in my immediate area adds up to few deer sightings and very few fresh tracks all season. I never even took a shot Also saw no turkeys so can't even look forward to that next spring. The highlight was hunting with my daughter and son and my son putting 2 coyotes down on Thanksgiving day Oh well, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Bob
  20. Nothing brings the greed out like a few cooperating perch. I used to be driven by the catch at any cost motto but with age I've realized to appreciate the expierence much more than the quantity. I don't understand folks taking a ton of dinks or worse yet the old ice fishing method of throwing them on the ice so you don't catch them again. With the increased fishing pressure from more anglers I worry about the long term effects over harvesting and selling will have. Our state gov't can't seem to wisely manage our money or our resources, lets hope they get a handle on this one before its gone. Speaking of gone, where did all the smallmouth go to in the Finger Lakes? Last region 8 state of the lakes meeting I attended the biologists commented on the lack of funds to allow them to manage cold water species let alone the warm water ones. Bob
  21. Ted, We thought that was you out there. Glad you got into them. Your report will put Sk8man over the edge Bob
  22. Kevin, where have you been? Les and I are lost without your sound advice. Hope all has been well with you. Bob
  23. GPS, the priceless tool of the day, one absolutely unremarkable barren looking spot in the middle of all that barren desert was THE SPOT. F'in Addicts
  24. Want Ontario bad but haven't seen a decent report yet and crowds just keep me tense. So Saturday we had the morning to fish and decided to save gas and fish longer on Seneca. Launched at the chamber and headed south. Started in 170' coming back with the stiff south wind, got to 150 and started marking fish. We caught fish all morning on rigs, dipsys and one downrigger - downrigger out 100' - 105' was hot but they would just swim with it, had to trip it and they where usually there, only got a wiggle on the rod about half the time. They didn't fight as agressively as the previous weekend but they wanted to stay deep. We don't remember how many we got to the boat, around 10 and lost atleast another 8. Back at the dock by 1. Enjoy, Bob
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