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  1. well im about 6'2'' i would say im farely good sized haha a guy at the course that hunts said the deer actually had a really big head and body for its antlers. im just thankful i was blessed with the opportunity to take such a great aminal. Although not big, im sure i will have many more opportunities to come
  2. So i was in math class wednesday morning, and all i could think about was getting another deer (i shot my first bow deer in october, doe) and hadnt really had much opportunity since then. All my buddies have been sending me pics of thier deer, so i was getting kinda tired of not seeing anything. with the cold weather we had come in wednesday, i made up my mind i was going for it. So after math i decided to skip my last class and hit the woods, dont tell my parents haha. I hunt on a golf course, so i went way back in the hard woods onto an old atv trail and decided i would camp out. this was at about 12. At 130 i got bored and just decided i was going to walk the trail slowly and quietly since the ground was saturated i figured i could get in range of a deer if i saw one. So i start walking, and about 45 yards down the trail from where i was sitting, i jumped a deer about 15 yards from me, i clicked the safty off and kept the bead on him as he ran up the hard woods, and wouldnt you know, he turned left and ran right across the trail at 40 yards. BANG!!!! dropped in stride a nice little 5 point and my first buck. Not to mention i got him with my grandpas 60 year old bolt action 16 guage. It was my goal to get one with the 16 gauge this year. Last year was my first year hunting and i got a doe with my grandpas 12 guage pump so i wanted to try something new and more difficult. Now onto the 16 guage single shot shotgun. It makes him proud i get the deer with his guns, and they get the job done, so its a win win for me. So last fall i got my first deer (doe) 12 guage pump, this fall first deer with a bow (doe), and now wednesday i added to my first with my first buck with a 16 guage bolt action. 3 down and many more to go. here are some pics of my deer. buck with 16 guage doe during bow doe 12 guauge last year
  3. i was walking at a slow but steady pace wednesday and dropped a 5 point. it works
  4. anyone know where i can get some 2 3/4 remington slugger 16 gauge shells. around greece
  5. This is my first year bow hunting, and hunting the rut. i hunt a glof course and thier is a buck rubbing trees all around me but i havent been graced with seeing him yet while im in the stand. Do you think if i bought a grunt call and called, i might have a better chance of seeing him?
  6. Was hunting hamlin today, had a small doe come in with a 5 point chasing her. they were around my stand for about a half hour until the 5 point gave me a shot. its my 2nd year hunting, 1st year bow hunting. i got a doe earlier in the season but i got alittle to excited tonight, rushed the shot and missed haha. im learning from my mistakes. next time when the big guy comes in, he will be in the freezer
  7. i hunt in hamlin as well and notice the same thing
  8. Has anyone noticed that the deer are really clueless this year. you can make noise and everything and they still come right up to you haha. or is it just me
  9. ray is that a true story hahaha
  10. got up at about 425 this morning. entered the woods at about 515, and was up in my climber at about 530. my first time actually hunting from my new climber. i was hunting a golf course and at about 6 of course the fairway mower would decide to cut the fairway right by my stand. i was alittle frustrated but it was a nice crisp morning, and is still always worth it to enjoy Gods creation, so i was going to make the best out of it. it took the mower about 45 minutes to cut the one fairway so it was now 645, so i have 20 minutes until light. then he goes and cuts the fairway to my left haha it was still a nice morning i said to myself. as the sun began to rise at about 715 i heard a alittle crunch abouy 60 yards behind me, so i turned quietly. it still was not all that light out and all i could so was a white tail having back and forth walking through the woods. i had set the stand up at this spot because thier were aok trees in the front of the woods, and the deer were feeding on the acorns. i got up slowly, and made sure everything with my bow was set. at that time the mower started to head back up the fairway and i could hear crunching coming my way. i drew the bow back and hear comes a nice doe walking and feeding right towards me, then behind her 2 more came. im at full draw and all three does are now feeding at about 10 yards away from me. i looked for the biggest one and she was half behind a tree, i had the 10 yard pin on her and as she stepped out and stopped, i took a breath and let the artrow fly. almost imediatlty i heard the arrow his some trees. i watch the doe i shot at sprint off, and the other 2 trot away. i stood thier in dismay, ow the heck could i miss a 10 yard shot, it kept playing over and over in my head. i had 3 deer at 10 yards and i miss, no way, i had to hit it. then i realized the one i shot at had sprinted away and the other 2 troted. could this be a sign, or was the deer just scared cuz an arrow just buzzed his back. after 15 minutes i shimmied my climber down the tree cuz i had to know if i hit it. i walked to the spot the deer was, and sure enough blood, bright red blood with bubbles. i sat on the ground an called a couple buddies on my cell of of excitment and i noticed the arrow. i walked up to it and i layed between 3 2 inch trees, thats what i heard the arrow hit. look what i found. after see this i was stoked. i sat at the base of the tree for about an hour, then made my way over to the initial blood. i followed the trail into a swampy area and it took me a good 10 minutes to pick it up again. followed it for another 10 minutes and started to get only really small drops of blood. i was getting discouraged, but suddenly it reall started to pick up after 150 yards, it was bleeding good. i continued to keep my head down and just follow the blood, i was now in thick cover and squeezing m way through bushes, then i looked up. my first deer with a bow, and the first time i had to track a deer, did everything by myself, and it is so much more rewarding than shotgun. its an awesome feeling.
  11. what do you suggest i post them under
  12. ik ive fished it before. but it will be my first fish mount and i would rather start with something small than a real trophy and not end up liking it, uk
  13. where area are you from, i may be able to hook you up. pm me
  14. Mirror carp out of cranberry. And 12.05 pound Bowfin. State record is like 12. 13 or something Got both out of cranberry
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