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  1. The biters were all in 110-140. I launched at 11 and fished out to 260 and back. Went 0-5 on matures. I was in the tan Lowe aluminum fishing solo. I think you guys were probably the boat that yelled over something to me. I was driving pretty irradically at that point as I had fish on or dipseys that popped. Every 30 seconds i had something going on. Chinese fire drills! Moonshine geezer spoon took 4 of the 5 hits down 120 fished off a swr burning 2.8 at the ball. The fish out deep must start to come back in as the sun goes down. I've done well out in 150-250 in the evenings in August. Doubles and triples as the sun starts to set. I had a lot of bait and marks way up high 40-60 when I was out deeper.
  2. I was up to 3.5 sog. I ran slow most of the day 2.0-2.4 at the ball. Then the boat upped itself while I was deploying gear. Next thing you know fish on! The next few hits I took I would stay steady at 2.4...then burn it up to 2.8. Then back down.
  3. My FF is a dsi and has a really narrow cone. I marked a ton of fish and bait way up high around 40-60 down. I launched at 11 and fished out to 250 for a look-see then joined the pack around 2:00. Ran most of my stuff DEEP...around 100-110. Had the 600 copper release a couple of times. But running solo I missed it driving or changing stuff around. I pulled my dipseys after awhile because all my hits were on the riggers. And they kept popping running as hot as I was. I tried a couple other moonshines and the geezer was the only one for them.
  4. I went 0-5 today solo in the afternoon. Along with a couple releases I didn't count. The stud bait was a moonshine geezer on a swr. After I lost it to a really nice fish that screamed out and almost spooled me...the action slowed. They wanted it fast 2.8 at the ball.
  5. The length of your fly leader depends a lot on your trolling speed. A shorter leader will whip faster. 22 inches is the industry standard. If you tend to run slow...like 2.0 at the ball a shorter lead might be better. I tend to run a touch hotter than most. My leaders are 22-27 inches. I have a few tied up short that have never taken a hit. But I guess it all goes on what works for you and your program.
  6. http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/5733970607.html
  7. You can find a nice used 21-23 ft fiberglass walk around or center console for $25,000. The fall is the best time to find a great deal!
  8. This thread appears every year!! ðŸ¾
  9. Captain John Kings diver digger. Get the depth of a mag dipsey without the pull of one.
  10. The middle are black/silver (half painted black) with raspberry tape.
  11. Run a 10 foot lead. When the fish gets to the boat (don't bring him in green)...grab the dipsey and hand line him in.
  12. Lol. I still have a big plastic bag full of unopened spoons and tackle from back in May from my last trip to warrens in Sodus. I think it showed up about $420 on my cc bill. And I just went there for "a couple of things". While out fishing last I took an inventory. I think I have 8 spin dr boxes full of flashers and flies. 300+ spoons and a whole back pack full of meat rigs and slashers. And 40+ stick baits. And I'm sure I missed about 10%. So yeah...I just bought the one spoon this time. 💰
  13. How does the top work? That slides back in on a channel?
  14. Check out the used Hewescraft that's listed in the classifieds. That boat has a ton of room for a 20 footer. A hard top and high sides. Easy to trailer and launch. And will last forever.
  15. Don't forget some sutton 44 spoons (or the knockoffs).
  16. I lost one the other day and overpaid on eBay by a couple bucks for a replacement. But I figured it was still much cheaper than a "quick trip" to a tackle shop. (No self control)
  17. My 2 color 120-140 ft down was the ticket on my last outing.
  18. I've seen quite a few pics of fish caught on them. They work!
  19. Make sure you cinch your rigger rods tight to the ball. Pull on the line between the first eye of the rod and the reel...while reeling with the other hand. You want all that extra play out of the line. Try different depths too. The other day I had stuff from 60-150 feet down. This time of the year the Kings can be all over the depth spectrum.
  20. You want a 8 inch stinger "hot tamale" echip with a green crinkle fly.
  21. A buddy from work brought his in the other day. Still looked brand new in the case. Said he paid $1,000 for it back in the early 80's.
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