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  1. I took a couple yesterday in 180-220. Deep!! Swr with mag spoons down 124 and 147. This was in the afternoon. Marked bait in 195.
  2. Save your money and get a fish hawk and a better FF with gps. The cheaper stuff is half arse and you will end up spending even more money. In the meantime...watch the bend in your dipsey rods. Are they limp (too slow). Are they pulling so hard they are creeping drag or popping releases (too fast). Listen to the hum of your down rigger cables. A medium tone (with a small steady stream of bubbles coming off the cables) is about optimal. If they are screaming and the angle is very exaggerated (too fast). If they are silent and no bubbles (too slow). Put stuff out at different depths to start. When you catch a fish move stuff around to duplicate what worked. Watch your ff for bait and marks...fish the marks! The fish hawk uses the same wheel for surface speed. Start at 2.7 and adjust from there. You should be somewhere between 2.0-3.0 in most cases. And remember 20 yrs ago guys caught plenty of salmon without all the technology that exist's today.
  3. How many hours on it? Is it vinyl flooring or carpet? What happened with the lower unit?
  4. Don't waste your money using fluorocarbon as a dipsey leader. Get a spool of 40 lbs big game. Tie new ones every few trips. The line has enough stretch you don't need a snubber.
  5. You shouldn't use spinning reels. And 2 colors is a swr.
  6. I've had the same cannon cable on my manual uni-trolls for 7 years. Same cannon terminators. And I free fall the weights faster than I should. Using 13 lbs torpedo's. Something else is wrong or your cable is bad. My cable does jump around from not laying flat all the time. Never had an issue with breakage. And I'm hard on them. They say you shouldn't run braid unless you have the stainless spools that come on the salt water editions.
  7. Salmon and even trout destroy most stick baits. Especially Rapala's.
  8. Warrens in Sodus point still has a bunch. And drive over to Davenports while your there.
  9. If i set my alarm for the time of sunset so I can give myself time to pick up and run in before it gets too dark. I'm usually fighting a fish as it goes off.
  10. You won't find much of a difference. It's just wire. Buy whatever you can find closest or cheapest. Mason, malin, torpedo, blood run.
  11. Use 40 big game if you can't get sea flee.
  12. I just put a fish hawk on my boat. But caught fish for 5 years without one. Took me my first season with trial/error to figure it out.
  13. ^^^What he said!! After you catch the first few you'll figure it out.
  14. If you tie to a swivel I do a Palmer knot for the floro.
  15. 30 size reel it's a perfect fit. Convector 30, sealine sg47lc, saltist 30, etc.
  16. This time of the year...I like 20 or 25 lbs for spoons and 30 for flashers.
  17. I would spool 1000 ft of wire on each reel. Braid backing is a bad idea when you get a screamer on a dipsey that's out 350 and runs the connection through your guides at a strong/fast pace.
  18. Look for big marks and move your program around to where they are. Run your dipseys as far back as 200-350. Try flasher/flies on your down riggers with spoons cheated above them. The lead core with most likely be a steelhead catcher this time of year. Change your speed if your on fish and not catching. Sometimes a little slower or faster makes all the difference.
  19. I had a good solo afternoon On Thursday. From 1-3:00 in 150 fow. Deep riggers at 111 and mag dipseys out 247 and 275 on a 2.5 setting. Most bites on flasher/fly's. Good pods of bait and a few degrees cooler on the surface. Never had down temp as my batteries died in the fish hawk. Took a 20 lbs+ King on the 247 dipsey, lost another screamer that hit and ran on the 275 dipsey, couple teenage kings and a few steelhead on the riggers
  20. Well said. Listen to the hum of your rigger cables as well as the angle. The louder they hum the faster your down speed. Some days the fish want it fast. Vary your speed till you get a bite and duplicate it. If you feel your down speed is way off change the direction of your troll.
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