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  1. Buddy of mine won these in a raffle. Make an offer.
  2. Do some adjusting with the sensitivity on the graph. I have a plate on mine and it doesn't effect it. But I did turn down the surface clutter right from the beginning.
  3. If you only have 2 riggers it's a great option for deeper water fishing. And you aren't going to have the poor hook up percentage of a slider.
  4. You want to create a pattern with one lure stretched back a little farther. I usually split mine by 15-20ft vertically and horizontally. And run the shorter lead on the bottom. How far back depends on the depth and time of day. And if their is a FF its on the bottom to draw the fish into the spread.
  5. You used those on my boat last year. Not sure it will fit a 300 copper. If the steel is the same diameter as 45 lbs copper it won't. They'll fit 200 ft of 45 lbs with 150 yds of 50 lbs power pro.
  6. ...and they really need to put new bumpers on the docks. I launched solo one day and didn't think I needed to put my bumpers out. Since they had them on the docks. Had some nice fresh dock rash just from rubbing against them for a minute.
  7. She didn't seem real up to beat the last 2 weeks I came through the booth. It was a 5 minute wait just to pay for a launch and get a parking receipt. And the wrong date was on the receipt.
  8. About the length of your rod for down riggers. Dipseys as long as possible that you can still net the fish. Copper and lead core about 20 ft.
  9. VGC!! Rear living room slide out. Stand up shower. Send me a pm if interested. $9,500.
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