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  1. Sounds like steelhead! They can be a lot of fun!!
  2. Slide divers work the best up high! You can run a longer lead. Mono or braid.
  3. I would buy a Daiwa seagate 60 for your 400. You'll have room for a lot more backing and a faster retrieve. There's one on eBay right now for $135. I usually run 20 lbs leaders on my coppers. Because I run a lot of spoons on them. But I'm buying 25 next time around.
  4. With a tournament taking place this weekend it's doubtful you'll get many replies.
  5. You must have them on the wrong setting. Or your release is to loose and they are tripping...then tangling!
  6. You definitely want to strap the mast if you use a seat post mount.
  7. If you have a wide boat with multiple rod holders and/or a rocket launcher it's more manageable. That way you can try to move it out of harms way when you are fighting a fish.
  8. I still sharpen brand new hooks. Makes a big difference! Rapala makes one that's course on one side and fine on the other. Each point gets ran over each.
  9. I added a troll-a-matic plate (the spring loaded kind) to my 90 hp 2-stroke. It would not troll down less than 4 mph. I lost some steering control and top end. But you get used to how it drives. I have no problems with maneuverability. But then again I don't slip it. Just drop it into reverse when you get close to the launch dock. I'm not backing it into tight spots. I guess it all depends on what you do and how you use the boat.
  10. I've taken 1 nice steel each of the last 3 trips on 3 and 5 lead cores. Gold chicken wing DWSS and a gold backed black NK28 with a green ladder.
  11. I fished yesterday. Took an immature King, 3 coho's, 2 lakers and a nice steelhead. Stinger sized and DWSS spoons. Ssw, gold chicken wing, black/purple NK28, NBK. Mostly in upper part of the water column. 200-230 was my best depth. Marked very little fish and one nice bait pod.
  12. He's been saying he was swamped since this spring. And to buy through Fat Nancies. Or any of the other retailers.
  13. They don't stay like new for a long time. I bought 4 brand new back 5 years ago. They still work but have some play to them. Just replaced them with cannons.
  14. Sounds like that one screamer was worth the effort! I caught a 20 lbs there during the spring LOC. And he peeled some serious line!
  15. Yup, I learned a long time ago that bass fishing on a holiday weekend isn't really productive. Due to all the extra traffic. If you can get out at first light you might have an hour or 2 that can be productive.
  16. Hey bud I think he might have already sold them. But they're your's if he didn't.
  17. I run mono as backer on my lead cores. I think your setup is good!
  18. I fished a spot yesterday where kings were caught Saturday. Same story as you. Did take a nice steelhead that as I fought it...thought it was a king. And a few lakers and a bunch of dinky coho that never released and got dragged for quite awhile.
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