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  1. Lake shore beach state park is a few miles away.
  2. I always buy a few extra trays at the end of summer so I'm not scrambling to find it in the beginning of the next.
  3. 20 lbs big game till flea season
  4. Sounds like a great trip!! Those kings can raise havoc!! Especially when you aren't ready for them! But that's what keeps us coming back!!
  5. I use the 8'3" ugly stik down rigger rod for salmon and trout. They work great off the riggers, flat lines, for short cores and short coppers (off big boards). I use the 9' for long coppers. Eagle claw Starfire 10 footers for diver rods. Although I may be upgrading those to the ugly stik 10 ft soon. It all depends on the type of rod you prefer. These are all light action rods with a lot of flex to protect light leaders just in case somebody "horses" on a fish a little too much.
  6. Nbk, ssw, 42nd, Kos, carbon 14.
  7. What are the the triple holders all the veteran captains use that spin around? Maybe super ski make them?
  8. I run the furthest bait off the board back 120, then the next 110 and then 100. Spoons 5 ft down on the riggers and 75 ft back. Put a mix of different color combos out to start. This is shoreline skinny water fishing 8-12 fow.
  9. Did you lose a spring? I've had a troll-a-matic for several years now. I lost a spring and called the company. They sent me a new one for free.
  10. Nope. Get some quality rod holders for divers. Tracks are the way to go!
  11. Merrill slip on's, flip flops, sneakers or bare feet.
  12. If the fleas get bad 30 lbs big game is useless!
  13. I like 30 lbs big game as a backer for lead cores. The Scotty releases I use don't hold well with braid. I tie in a section on my coppers. But with short cores...I usually run them back away from the boat. Sometimes another 50-100 ft back. If you use a bigger reel it's not an issue. I prefer a Daiwa sg57 with the extra space, fast retrieve, tourney drag and bigger opening for swivels to fit through.
  14. Had a late start and launched solo around 10:30. I knew from the forecast that the lake was going to be bumpy. So I left the big boards at home and decided to run 1 rigger and 2 rods straight back behind the boat in the prop wash. I almost always run an all stickbait program but I wanted to try an all spoon program for something different. Maybe try to target bigger fish? Ran the rigger 3 ft down with a purple clown stinger. And one of the flat lines had 1 color of lead core. The other I ran as a weight rod with a 1/2 ounce split shot pinched onto a tag end off a off shore release. Mix of various stingers, dreamweaver SS and a few others on the other 2 rods. Best was a live image smelt stinger with a white back and some glow tape. Copper spoons were good too. Lake was definitely bumpy the whole time out. Ended up 5-10. First fish was a steelhead that jumped 3 times and was gone. Also had a seagull swoop down and grab one of my spoons. Luckily the spoon only caught the feathers on a wing. He shook right off after I reeled him in. This happened as I was supposed to make the turn to avoid the ginna borders. Best depth was around 10 ft. Lots of color out to 17 fow. 42-44 surface temp. Not a bad day!!
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