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  1. It's funny because it's true. [Homer Simpson]
  2. I am not a charter captain or Guide but this is my take on it. It only takes one government rule change to sink a charter business. I saw a lot of businesses struggle with the marine fishery and this is mostly due to regulations. I too thought about guiding, however, I know skinny water, and I also am aware that several people may want me dead if I guided these areas. Also, the pressure of success - probably would kill me. Story for thought. Several years ago, My boss's kid came and helped set up my router for me and clean up my computer and he absolutely whizzed right thru it. He looked like one of those actors on tv where you know they are just hitting random keys acting like they are experts. This young man did the whole thing in like 5 minutes. It was his part time job at college. So I say to him. "Why are you going for a chemistry degree instead of computer science? You are a natural." His reply stuck with me. "This is what I love. I do not want to mess with my passion by making it a job." My advice is to offer a ride on your boat this season to strangers on this site. See if you can handle that first. Justin invited me to fish with him and I never met him previously. So you have to get use that awkwardness of having a complete stranger on your boat. I have another friend at work and he is a fanatic as well with the knowledge and the gear and I suggested that he doesn't entertain it because of his temperment. If you have nice things and want them to stay nice then you may not want to charter. Good luck, Joe
  3. Too many options but I will probably be river fishing for the opener and I can't even narrow that down - good luck everyone.
  4. Minnows can be hard to tell at times (often). Use this for reference. If anyone knows a better fishes of NY reference, please post it. http://www2.dnr.cornell.edu/cek7/nyfish/
  5. When I was 12 years old I made a spear and took it rabbit hunting and was successful (true story). I think there should be a spear only rabbit season because I liked the challenges of hunting with a spear and demand everyone else abide by my preferences. I am calling my assemblyman today!
  6. Starting to look like that woodchuck was right afterall. I guess we can call that a nice February thaw now. I am getting annnnncccceee tooooooo!
  7. Where you coming from? There are places all over the state that are good for bullhead. Ask for a good location near you and I am sure that some people could PM you. Also - noteworthy. The Conesus inlet is closed to all fishing until 1st Saturday in May. The Canal portion is open and should be a good place to fish for bullheads when the temps start to rise again. The down side to bullhead fishing the inlet is the enormous amount of dinky sunfish that are in there too.
  8. I get the reflex reaction to movement but after that there is no excuse I can rationalize for this accident. You have to know your target and what is behind it before the safety even comes off. But I wasn't there and I don't know if there wasn't something unusual that made this situation likely to happen in such a terrible outcome. I agree with whaler - Horrible situation for both parties involved.
  9. NYS proposed bill for mandatory firearm insurance This bill would require any and all firearms owners in NY to secure and maintain $250,000 liability insurance for negligent use of a firearm before procuring and while possessing of such firearm. "FAILURE TO MAINTAIN SUCH INSURANCE SHALL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REVOCATION OF SUCH OWNER'S REGISTRATION, LICENSE AND ANY OTHER PRIVILEGE TO OWN SUCH FIREARM" https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2017/A2260
  10. They have to call a little bit louder to get me to go after them right now. That wind hit me in the face this morning while I was cleaning off the windshield and it made me involuntarily cry. I can wait a lil bit...
  11. Curious - what county? I had a dream last week I was catching 16 inch slabs from Seneca Lake. The interesting thing is that I have never fished for or caught a crappie from Seneca lake. Premonition maybe?
  12. Feeding Deer I know people have their own opinions. I thought I would share some ideas.
  13. I don't ice fish so and the beagle is retired (16). I utilized my free time creating some woody browse for the deer and rabbits. I had several projects in mind. I wanted to reclaim part of a field that was being over taken for future food plot. I figured it would be better to do it sooner than later. There was some autumn olive but most was soft maple. I decided to take a walk out yesterday and even though I cut them down before the January thaw the deer have been hitting the tops pretty hard. I have more to do but we did a test sample about 8 years ago with just piling up poplar and it has revitalized that area so I made several more piles of those too. It should be good from here on out if you want to improve your hunting scenario to cut trees down -preferably non dollar varieties. The maple syrup guy I work with said this years January yield smashed previous records and he is not sure what that means overall. I think the tops should be reddening up a lot more now and deer will really like you if you drop some. It is harder for them to dig in crusty snow so a few trees/branches that are in your way anyway, this is the best time to cut them. I will be hinge cutting later on. I have a bedding area I want to make into a sanctuary. I want my brother to help me because I tend to pull muscles when I try to do it myself. I wrote a lot and I could write more than I did so you can see how I have tried to keep my mind from imploding.
  14. Thanks for the update - been wondering what was happening with that. Cabelas was going to put a big store in down here and the town decided that their war on tall oversized signs was better for the town than all the $$ that Cabelas would bring in. Of course Cabelas walked away from that ridiculousness. Nothing was grandfathered in either. They made Churches take down there signs in front because they were deemed too big. Point being that Corporate people can be swayed away easier than they can be wooed in. A secondary point is to not overreact to minor things. It does seem that the Environmental aspect in this state is lacking in efficiency. I could make an argument that Cuomo is punishing those who didn't vote for him but we have a hotel down here that was held up because of soil testing for a very long time and to the best of my knowledge is not political for the city or the state. (Seemingly)The only corp that gets a pass with environmental delays is Walmart. They can build in any wetland they want. I think Cuomo should speed this up if he wants new development in this state.
  15. Organic salmon - WTF right? Her ya go... Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification. As a founding member of the Pacific Organic Seafood Association we have been following sustainable farming techniques for many years and achieving this certification was the natural next step. Our practices include: Raising only a Pacific species of fish in the Pacific Ocean. No use of genetically modified organisms or growth-promoting hormones. A natural diet sourced only from fisheries that conform to the standards and principles contained in the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Creative Salmon’s fish are fed a diet primarily consisting of fish meal, fish oil, and certified organic wheat as a binder. No use of antibiotics in our market fish. Because Chinook salmon are indigenous to our area, and through good husbandry practices, they remain healthy without the use of antibiotics. We have not treated our market fish with antibiotics since 2001. Handling our fish as little as possible to minimize stress and possible mortality. Instead of handling, we monitor our fish with underwater cameras and generally don’t touch them between smolt stage and harvest. Providing our fish with a low density environment. To qualify as organic, our farm-raised salmon must have about twice the space as on conventional farms. Our fish occupy less than 1% of the volume of their pens at maximum density, which occurs only during the 2 to 3 months prior to harvest.
  16. My bow instructor had a similar issue and I believe he had a cocking mechanism installed on his bow and I think this came with a permit. I am sorry that I don't know more but probably the DEC can assist you with this. I feel for you. I have been degrading slowly but surely over the past 10 years to the point that I may have to hit the recliner. I keep telling myself to keep plugging away but I am having more and more trouble recovering the next day and the day after and even the 3rd day after.
  17. Excellent opinions. My take is not a this or that but add in that the parr are about 5-6 inches by May and when they leave the streams to get to the lake they have to run thru this guantlet, however, i also think this is about the same time that the emeralds are heading up into the streams so how do we really know the overall affect with all that food in the estuary. So, did the Russians affect the Chinook's survival rate by hacking the DNC? Hard to know without a major investment in stream analysis. I think for the most part we only skim the surface of what is happening as a whole. I think NYS surmises what is happening and makes it fact because they are in perception supposed to know exactly what is happening. Its unfair for everyone but it takes serious dollars to analyze an aquatic ecosystem. Something I don't think they have done adequately - and causality vs coincidence only confuses us more. Just my 2 pennies.
  18. You can use the lobster tank method too. A cooler or large pail with an aereator.
  19. Funny how banning/restricting something makes it more lucrative. Ask the rhinos how that works out for them.
  20. My glass is half full. I don't see this is as bad. I keep running scenarios thru my head and I don't seem too anxious over this thing. Besides the fact it is over rated, I don't think anyone will be able to use anything like this for evil and remain legal. Maybe I can just see the benefit of searching for items under water. Evil to me would be a terrorist using it in conjunction with an explosive device - now let your minds wander.
  21. I would consider it not for catching but to see what is actually down there. Nothing wrong with that IMO.
  22. Buck doe ratio is more balanced or skewed towards the buck side. Hormones decide when they drop. This is determined by does not in estrus. Just one opinion. Nutrition is also important. My Dad use to think it was caused by very frigid temps but this doesn't explain southern climates.
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