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  1. I believe the o-rings are made of Nitrile and not effected by petroleum products. I’ve been using Vaseline for over five years and still on the original o-rings with no leaks.
  2. The only downside with the Pacific Northwest boats is there are not many around the Great Lakes area to pick from, I found mine up in Michigan. I also agree that the older welded boats seem to hold up better, maybe the aluminum was thicker.
  3. Yeah I’m thinking the same thing, probably going to be a lot of trial and error? Just need to find the time now!
  4. This is my kicker bracket, I’m going to fabricate something more substantial possibly with some type of rubber spacers? Not exactly sure yet.
  5. Aluminum boat? On my aluminum boat the kicker vibrates the hull at a certain rpm and my thru hull transducer picks it up and causes interference on my Lowrance. I still haven’t got around to make a new bracket for my kicker, I’m hoping that solves my problem.
  6. This whole thread is really sad and makes me angry! People work hard for their money and choose a boat like this expecting it to be of good quality as expensive as it is!! Then to find out they have been taken by the company with a piece of junk!! Everyone in this thread should be refunded all their money so they can buy a boat from a different manufacturer!! These thin aluminum boats are not really meant to be welded anyhow, too thin in my opinion to get a substantial weld, like trying to weld a pop can. The boats coming out of the Pacific Northwest are true welded aluminum boats, these thin aluminum boats are better off riveted. I wish everyone in this thread the best of luck!!
  7. I love my Rampage, not sure what size you could find in that price range? Probably a used 28/30 footer but it would be a salt water boat. Fresh water Rampage boats are hard to find and over your price range. But they are true blue water express fishing boats.
  8. I know here in Ohio, charter/tournament guys get to use a new boat for the whole year and sell it at the end of the season as a new untitled boat. The only cost is the difference of what they sell it for and what it cost new. Usually very little.
  9. Haven’t seen one of those in years!!
  10. What ever speed is producing fish, don’t be so concerned about everyone else’s speed. It’s the speed that YOU catch fish at, then repeat that speed.
  11. Nice hook underneath the bait but wanted nothing to do with what we were offering!!
  12. So much bait out here in 375 fow, the sonar thinks it’s bottom!!!
  13. Minion strikes again!! Custom chrome Minion meat rig and cotton candy paddle!!
  14. It’s definitely tough fishing out here. We found the skippys but that’s about it!
  15. Thank you, marking a lot of bait between 220 and 300 fow, between Wilson and Olcott. Unfortunately not many marks😡
  16. Awesome job Garry!! You got some happy youngsters that are probably hooked for life now!!!
  17. Had it happen once, beginning of the season, forgot to relube the o rings. Dried it out and had to replace the batteries. Just have to make sure the o rings are greased.
  18. I think some of the tape has color to it also, I never peeled it off to see? They are very durable, never had any peel off.
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