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  1. 2018 Stocking levels http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/111196.html This is an agency decision that has been presented as fiat accompli to some of the stakeholders with the caveat that it not be discussed prior to public release by NYSDEC, but it is on the website now, so please read. I am in the process of trying to obtain the dates and locations for the meetings, (I was on a stakeholder call but had less than great cellular reception), which are, I believe, the week after next. I know some of the other participants on the call are regulars on this site, perhaps one of them will post the schedule. I think the data is very supportive of the decision and with the precarious status of the adult baitfish population out through 2020, a resumption of full predator load would carry an unacceptable risk. I know a lot of charter operators disagree.
  2. What about those two trees you have to drive between when you are coming into the site. Are they far enough apart to accommodate bigger boats?
  3. You could have been in one of the Canadian provinces that requires you to hire a guide to fish for Atlantic Salmon. Most of the guides don't know one end of the rod from another, they just sit along shore and smoke and take your dollars. I would like to see reciprocal licensing so if people from those provinces come to NY to fish for salmon, they would be required to hire a guide as well.
  4. Off Rochester, south wind in the summer pushes warm surface water offshore, which causes a draw of colder deeper water into the nearshore under the warm wind driven surface water. North wind should do the opposite. This is a simplification of the process, and how much it occurs will depends on shore orientation and how strong the wind is, and likely other factors, and it can be somewhat localized, but it is a start. I would say that a strong North wind will delay staging at the river mouths as it could put a lot of fish back out deeper. Oswego may be more complicated because of Mexico Bay, and the East shore impacts.
  5. Irondequoit Bay The Town of Irondequoit Launch in the Northwest corner of Irondequoit Bay opened this morning, $6.00 to launch, still 5 mph speed limit and no wake on the bay. The Lake is dropping, Master's Stone on Empire Blvd finally had a dry parking lot two days ago for the first time I've seen since March.
  6. I have not heard of folks on this side of the Lake jigging, but Andy Todd from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources told me that they do a lot of jigging for the kings on the Canadian side of the lake. You may want to check out some Canadian posts. Here is the DEC page for Little Sodus Bay: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/108693.html
  7. Allen Benas up the river at Clayton is good if you are looking for warmwater fish, especially muskies.
  8. I can't remember but I think it was a wrenchy friend who works for a dealer. He said Jeep says their roofs are not braced right for carriers, but that would make me worry about rollover, as that has to be a lot more stress than a boat. I just stopped looking at them as I had also been told they have a lot of electrical problems, maybe my least favorite thing to have to deal with in a car.
  9. When I was shopping for a vehicle last time, I stopped looking at Jeeps when I was told that they don't recommend putting any kind of boat on the roof. I went with a GMC puickup, then put on a Jerico cap with a Yakima system. Take a look at a Native watercraft kayak, a friend has one and it is quite a little boat!,
  10. It should also be remembered that large numbers of our salmon do return to the rivers as carrion, except where "harvest" is very successful. You need nose plugs to walk around Altmar once the back channel in the Lower Fly zone fills up with deads!
  11. West coast streams are nutrient poor, and without the carcasses, there would be nothing to feed the invertebrates the young salmon depend on, so the carcasses need to go back. In New York, the nearshore is overly nutrient rich, and basically only the streams draining the tug hill are nutrient poor. We don't need the carcasses so much. If you lived down current and had all that offal washing up on your beach, along with the algae and dead gobies and other c**p, you would probably like to see a 1 mile offshore restriction for fish cleaning.
  12. The launch is not run by NYS, the Town of Irondequoit has taken it over.
  13. Very well put! However there can be oxygen in the thermocline. especially toward the top of it, but it will get lower in oxygen concentration as the summer progresses. In eutrophic waters like Irondequoit Bay the thermocline will be devoid of oxygen, but in oligotrophic lakes like Seneca, it could stay above 5 ppm O2 all summer. According to Sanders guide, lakes like Hemlock and Canadice will maintain O2 in the thermocline all summer but the hypolimnion will be anoxic, and the epilimnion will be too warm, so the fish are in a narrow band of the thermocline.
  14. And maybe they are hitting so well because of the "hole" in the Population of alewifes caused by the two bad winters. Three alewifes is not a lot of food in a mature king stomach.
  15. Bradddock Bay Weed Pull VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO PULL WATER CHESTNUTS FROM BRADDOCK BAY July 22 and August 19 at 9 a.m. Meet at the public fish and kayak area in the loop at Braddock Bay Marina, 105 E. Manitou Rd. Call June Summers, with Genesee Valley Audubon Society if you have questions (585) 355-1824 (Please forward to others that might be interested) So bring your kayak, canoe, or bass boat and pole. We will be pulling weeds out of the water, putting them in plastic trash bags or in the boats and taking them to shore. It is work but, a great day on the water. Dress for the weather and to get wet, NO cotton clothing please, quick drying synthetics are good. Bring your own kayak, canoe or boat and life preservers. Bring some water we wills supply extra, and lunch. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen bring it.
  16. IF you want to really go after the responsible party for this year, you should have the rally in a church. Water levels were right where they were last year until the rains in March and April.
  17. Full moon was Sunday, but it has been bright for a week now.
  18. 'Nanas don't go with beer, anyway!
  19. Look at report 9.2 on Page 176. Andy Todd had some very interesting slides of this at the SOL meetings last spring, as well. SUNY Brockport did some work on this, way back, as well, for migration around the Lake. http://www.glfc.org/loc_mgmt_unit/LOA 17.01.pdf
  20. The information that the Canadians have been gathering on salmon migration around the lake, using telemetering equipment, says that the fish could basically be on one side of the Lake on Monday and the other end on Tuesday. Are you suggesting that Canadian fish stay in Canada and NY fish stay in New York?
  21. Too early for that data, they are basically just finishing up spawning.
  22. At least in the City, the permission to trim comes with the easement. I've been told they have 10 feet on either side of the tree, looks like the remainder of your tree was outside that. With mine last year, they left 50% and it is in the 10 feet, I've got a surgeon coming to tell me if I should hassle the power company or just suck it up. You are responsible for removing the wood, in my case it is balancing the remainder of the tree, which is heading toward the house. The Company (not going to say it), said they trusted we would find their crews very efficient, they were, just like Sherman going through Atlanta, or Grant through Richmond!
  23. If there is a place to use clamps on the rail somewhere, Downeast makes great portable rod holders, got mine from Cabella's. http://www.cabelas.com/product/fishing/fishing-tools/fishing-rod-holders|/pc/104793480/c/104720580/sc/104538780/down-east-single-clamp-rod-holder/699614.uts They have gotten little pricier since I bought mine!
  24. I'll have to admit to a great deal of surprise reading about the use of copper and leadcore nowadays, I thought it was still mainly riggers for LO. I've been using the wire lines for a long time up in the 'daks, but riggers are a lot less useful in smaller lakes with very rough bottom structures, and you can adjust rapidly pulling wire. There is almost nothing like hanging a downrigger ball on a granite ledge in 80 feet of water!
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